Gisele Bündchen & Tom Brady: Is the Supermodel Finally Opening Up Conversation On NFL Health Repercussions?

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen has spoken on one of the hard truths about the NFL: concussions.

Ever since Will Smith’s movie Concussions came out, the seriousness of this case in the NFL became more apparent. However, just like what happened in the movie, there has been no drastic changes from the NFL. NFL has still empowered their culture with star-studded Super Bowls and everyone else seemed to have put Concussion at the back of their heads.

However, in Bündchen’s most recent interview, she could not hide any longer. Tom Brady’s wife, spoke with Charlie Rose and said that Brady, New England Patriots superstar quarterback, has had a concussion in 2016.

According to Wall Street Journal, this topic has been evaded by many. Since NFL is a massive organization, and a beloved one at that, it is hard to take down a giant like this in one big swoop—even if the science has already proven its dangerous side effects.

“The initial take wasn’t: Wow, Tom Brady has apparently suffered some concussions—what does this mean for the long term cognitive health of Tom Brady? It mostly was: Hmmm, the Patriots never announced Brady’s concussion. And, more sordidly: Is that a rules violation? Does this mean that New England is in trouble?”

Gisele Bundchen celebrates after the New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons [Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]

Even former NFL players defend the nature of the game. Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson said that concussions were part of the game. He said that it’s a “regular” thing to happen during their practices.

“Guys get concussions, they don’t tell the coaches,” Johnson said after his “Catching Dreams” football camp Saturday at Southfield High.

“It happens. I don’t tell the coach sometimes cause I know I got a job to do. The team needs me out there on the field. And sometimes you allow that to jeopardize yourself, but that’s just the nature of the world.”

It also appears that players could not do much about the issue. Johnson said that he would often hide his head injuries to the team doctors. Other players do the same because they know that if this was found out, there is a chance they would not be included in the games.

“They’re going to dispute that, but anytime you black out, anytime you hit the ground and everything is stars and stuff, any time your brain hits your skull, that’s a concussion,” Johnson said.

“No matter how severe it is, it’s a concussion. Now granted, some people get nausea. That’s a severe concussion when you get hit like that and you get nausea and stuff like that. But if you play football long enough (you’re going to have concussions).”

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady attend 'Rei Kawakubo Comme des Garcons Art of The In-Between Costume Institute Gala at Metropolitan Museum of Art [Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images]

Meanwhile, Lions President Rod Wood said that the NFL has been diligent about the matter. Wood added that players are allowed to inform their team if “something doesn’t feel right.”

“That’s something we try and educate them on and it’s something they’re going to have to take part in,” Wood said.

“I think a lot of the players have said that, that we need to be honest and say something’s going on.”

Even though NFL and Tom Brady’s agent said he did not suffer a concussion last year, it is still a concerning issue, especially since there are two opposing claims.

“Allow me to fly the spaceship away from planet football, and back to planet Earth. Let’s talk like normal human beings for a minute. You’ve heard from the league; you’ve heard from the player’s representative; you’ve heard from the player’s spouse. All of them very well may be correct in their language, but whom do you believe the most?”

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