Man Used Army Surgical Tools To Castrate Transgender Woman Inside Colorado Apartment

Police in Denver claim that a man without a medical license surgically castrated a transgender female using medical tools from the Army, as the wife of the transgender woman nervously looked on.

An affidavit from the Denver Police names 57-year-old James Lowell Pennington as the makeshift medical practitioner, as writers for the New York Post explain, who allegedly performed the 90-minute illegal procedure inside the unnamed patient’s home sometime prior to May 18, when Pennington was arrested.

“Pennington, who is not a licensed medical professional in Colorado,” the Denver Post further details, “was arrested Thursday on suspicion of reckless aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury, according to [the] arrest warrant affidavit.”

The arrest affidavit goes on to state that with the assistance of a scalpel, bandages, and other medical items from the military surgical kit; Pennington, a reported employee of ExpressJet Airines who has since been “placed on administrative leave,” according to a spokeswoman for the travel company, purportedly took on the tricky task of detaching the transitioning woman’s testicles from her body at the “patient’s” request, and sutured the wound to keep the area from getting infected.

The Denver man then apparently noted to the castrated transgender woman’s wife that she should call 911 if any substantial bleeding occurred following the “operation” — which the wife did about three hours later, once blood began gushing from her spouse’s improperly-closed wound.

Because of the time frame between Pennington’s stitching of the patient’s body and her wife’s 911 call, doctors were said to have been unable to reattach the transgender’s woman’s testicles.

Incidentally, in an open letter to 9News about Pennington’s procedure on her, the transgender female held no qualms about going the treacherous route she did to have her testicles removed due to the current healthcare system landscape, and its treatment of transgender patients.

man castrate transgender
A Denver man reportedly used a military doctor's kit, like the one seen here, to castrate a transgender woman inside of her apartment. [Image by Spod/iStock]

“There was a complication during the operation and while the operation was successful in its purpose, I started to bleed heavily afterward and my spouse was forced to call emergency medical services,” the woman, named as “Jane Doe,” writes.

“I am here to verify that I am indeed a victim. However, I am not a victim of 57-year-old James Lowell Pennington, who is the suspect in this case. I am a victim of a society and healthcare system that focuses on trying to demonize transgender people and prevent us from getting the medical transition we need instead of trying to do what is best for us.”

Jane goes on to say that through personal trials and tribulations of once trying to live as a gay man and never fitting in, she began female hormone therapy at 22, and ultimately came to the choice herself of being properly castrated to start life anew as a transgender woman.

However, somewhere along the way, she lost her medical insurance and became desperate to complete the process of becoming the person she was always meant to be: A full-fledged woman.

“Arranging a back-alley surgery was out of pure desperation due to a system that failed me,” Ms. Doe continues in her letter.

“Do not paint me as a victim of naivety or obsession and do not paint Mr. Pennington as a monster. I would like to state that this issue is not to debate the validity of transgender people and our genders. Any expert will tell you that gender is separate from reproductive sex and that transgender people are the genders we claim to be, and that we have a need to be able to live as that gender in our lives.”

Despite the near-death experience from her “surgery,” Jane insists that she has no interest in seeing Pennington behind bars or pressing charges against him.

As of Sunday afternoon, Pennington was still being held by the Denver Police. It is unclear whether the man who castrated the transgender woman had hired a lawyer to assist his case.

[Featured Image by Denver Police]