Angelina Jolie’s Plans After Brad Pitt Divorce: Happy He Admitted To Alcoholism Being Downfall To Marriage

Angelina Jolie is managing to look past the horrendous couple of months she has faced following her decision to divorce Brad Pitt in September.

The announcement came as a shock to fans, but as revealed by insiders at the time, Angelina Jolie had reached her breaking point at that point, with some saying that the alleged altercation between Brad and Maddox on a private jet was when the actress had enough.

Of course, at the time, it was only said that Brad Pitt reportedly had a scuffle with his son on the jet because the youngster was misbehaving, but a source close to Angelina Jolie would go on to stress that alcohol was involved, which allegedly led to Pitt’s outburst in mid-air.

Last month, Brad admitted to having dealt with substance abuse for as long as he can remember. Even before he met Angelina Jolie, the actor was either smoking weed or getting drunk at any given time — it just so happened that as the years went by, his addiction to alcohol had worsened.

His interview with GQ allowed fans to comprehend why Angelina Jolie made the sudden decision to file for divorce. The struggle Pitt had faced with alcohol had been something that’s bothered the actress and her children, presumably because there had been guidance and help offered to the star to better his lifestyle.

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It wasn’t until Angelina Jolie filed for divorce that Brad decided to clean his act up. And while the divorce is still in motion, Hollywood Life shares that the Tomb Raider actress and her soon-to-be ex-husband are in a much better place than where they were just a few months back.

“Angelina [Jolie] and Brad [Pitt] have a long way to go still, but they are definitely in a much better place now than they were even a few months back,” an insider explains.

“Angie really appreciated Brad publicly admitting that his drinking had become out of control — she felt vindicated by that—and she says that since he’s quit alcohol, and been regularly undergoing therapy, he’s a changed man. Brad is so much less angry all the time, he’s more reasonable and willing to listen.”

Angelina Joie had every intention to fight for full custody of the six children she shares with Brad — she simply didn’t want her children around a man who was struggling to get his life together because of his addiction to alcohol.

Now that Brad has confessed to seeing a therapist as much as he can, along with admitting that he’s completely sober, things have eased a little between Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The 41-year-old is open to the idea of reconsidering her initial plans to obtain full custody because the main importance, in this case, is that the children are safe and happy.

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“When they first split, there was so much anger between the two of them, and Angelina had really reached the end of her rope,” the source continued. “She felt that she no longer knew Brad, and she wanted to cut him out of her life, and the kids’ [lives] forever.”

“But, he’s really come a long way, and she’s starting to recognize the old Brad again. They are able to actually have conversations again now, and a mutual respect is starting to form once again. Angelina is able to appreciate Brad again, and although it’s still some way off, she’s beginning to think they may be able to forge a friendship in the future. It’s certainly something they are both actively working on.”

It’s believed that Angelina Jolie still plans to pull through with the divorce but wants to remain on better terms with Brad Pitt — especially now that he is sober and willing to make the drastic change his family has been waiting so long for.

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