Video Of Black Man Slapping White Woman On Bus For Racial Slur Goes Viral, Sparks Debate

A video of a black man slapping a white woman for calling him a racial slur has gone viral and ignited a debate online about whether physical violence is ever justified, even in the case of hate speech.

Throughout the minute-long video, the man and woman are engaged in a verbal altercation. It’s unclear what sparked the argument, but it’s clear the woman’s repeated use of the racial slur escalated the argument because parties were clearly heated.

The person who recorded the video didn’t catch the beginning of the argument, based on the man’s comments.

“All that s**t you were saying on the bus…” the man says near the beginning of the video.

The woman then replies and mocks the fact that the man has missed his bus stop, and calls him the racial slur..

‘You’re missing your stop, n****r!’

The man then jumps up and demands that the bus driver stop the bus. The driver doesn’t stop right away, which allows the man and woman time to continue their argument.

The woman then laughs loudly and proclaims, “Goodbye n****r!”

The man then becomes angered, and stands over the woman.

He says, “Say it to me one more time, one more time I dare you.”

The man then asks the driver to stop again. The driver doesn’t respond but silently honors the request.

Before exiting, the man dares the woman to call him the racial slur one more time. When she does, he slaps the woman across the face, before exiting the bus.

The woman is seen visibly distraught, clutching her face and can be heard moaning. No one intervened on behalf of the woman or tried to stop the man from exiting the bus, after assaulting her. The person who recorded the video on his cell phone also showed the woman no mercy.

“You shouldn’t have called him a n****r!” he said.

The people involved have not been identified as of this time. Though the specific location of the incident hasn’t been identified, the Daily Mail reports that it took place somewhere in the U.S.

The video was uploaded to Facebook on May 5 and amassed over 3 million views. Still, it didn’t start gaining traction on other platforms until this weekend. You can follow this link to watch the video in full, though you should use discretion, due to the language that was used.

Since the video started making rounds online, many people have weighed in about who they think was actually in the wrong. Some commenters feel that the woman deserved what she got for taunting the man and using racial slurs against him.

Bus driver turning steering wheel

“As a white male, I probably would have slapped the s**t out of her for him,” one commenter said.

“But hey, racism doesn’t exist in our country anymore according to most. Take a kid from every race and put them in a room together and they will all play with one another you till their parents tell them not to.”

Not everyone agreed with this point of view, however. Some people argued that the man should have just walked away from the situation since the woman wasn’t being physically threatening. They also felt that he was wrong for hitting her — period.

“Black, white, brown, man woman no one should get a pass for being disrespectful, I wouldn’t have slapped her, but I ain’t mad that he did,” another commenter explained.

“We live in a world where people have no respect for their fellow humans, now she wants play victim, I don’t feel pity for racist, racism is evil, I don’t believe in hitting women but her being a woman is no excuse for her racism.”

What do you think of this situation? Do you think that the man was wrong for slapping the woman? Or, did she get what she deserved? Also, does hate speech ever justify the use of physical violence? You can add your thoughts to the comment section below.

[Featured Image by Anton Matveev/Shutterstock]