Update On Donald Trump In Hall Of Presidents In Magic Kingdom At Walt Disney World – Will He Speak?

When Donald Trump was elected the President of the United States, the Disney fans around the globe wondered how things would go in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Yes, that may seem like a strange thing to think about, but they all know that the new person in the Oval always goes into The Hall of Presidents. As time goes on, though, it appears as if the audio-animatronic of Donald Trump has brought controversy and confusion.

Currently, The Hall of Presidents is closed for refurbishment and has been since Jan. 17 of this year. It is scheduled to reopen on June 30, but that could very well end up being delayed which is evident by the official page for the attraction not having any showtimes set for it this summer.

The reason for the closure is one that happens every four to eight years as Disney prepares the attraction for the inclusion of the newest president. In this case, it is Donald Trump and they need time to alter the show, create his audio-animatronic, and get everything ready for what may come with him.

Well, things aren’t proving to be as easy this time around and it could result in the newest addition to The Hall of Presidents being quite different.

donald trump magic kingdom walt disney world hall of presidents
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One of the biggest questions leading up to Donald Trump’s addition to The Hall of Presidents is – Will he have a speaking role?

According to Motherboard, the White House did receive an inquiry regarding this question, but they haven’t replied. Disney has also been sent many requests regarding Trump’s addition, but they simply said that “as of right now, we have nothing to share.”

Over the years, new presidents such as George Bush, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton have been added to the attraction. They have had speaking parts which had them giving short speeches to talk about American history and the people of the country. It’s short and simple, but it can be quite effective.

Since the early ’90s, all new presidents have had a few things to say in The Hall of Presidents, but that may change with Donald Trump. It is quite possible that Disney will go back to the version of the attraction from before 1993 when George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were the only ones to speak.

This isn’t just all an assumption as a Walt Disney World Cast Member, speaking to Motherboard anonymously, said that it is very possible that Donald Trump’s character will not speak.

donald trump magic kingdom walt disney world hall of presidents
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There are a number of reasons that the current president won’t deliver a few lines in the iconic Magic Kingdom attraction. Of course, there is plenty of controversy with talk of Trump’s possible impeachment and the backlash of voting him into office, but there is more.

Matters have not been helped by the fact that President Trump has not been very forthcoming with helping Disney out either. Apparently, the “House of Mouse” has been trying since January to get him to work with them to record his speaking part for the attraction, but it just hasn’t worked out. The source told Motherboard that this lack of cooperation may be the saving grace.

“That’s a part of this—just getting time with him [to record]. I guess there’s also been some back-and-forth on his proposed script, which is something they’re hoping to use as a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card. If he’s not available to record, they can use that as a legitimate excuse… that’s kind of what Disney’s hoping for.”

If Trump can’t find the time to record, Disney can’t have his voice in The Hall of Presidents. If his voice can’t be in The Hall of Presidents, Disney has to reopen their attraction without further delay and it would somewhat appease the guests who don’t want him in it anyway.

Right now, Walt Disney World is possibly looking at pushing back the scheduled reopening of The Hall of Presidents to change things as needed.

Walt Disney World is one of those places that isn’t without its own share of controversy, but it does try to keep as much of it away as possible. Magic Kingdom’s iconic attraction known as The Hall of Presidents is one that a lot of guests may not love or enjoy, but it is a quick and interesting look into America’s history. Now, fans just have to wait and see if Donald Trump’s role in the attraction will end up being a speaking one or not.

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