There Is A ‘Coup To Oust Donald Trump’: Rush Limbaugh

“There’s no evidence whatsoever” against Donald Trump in the many investigations that presently surround him, according to Rush Limbaugh.

Breitbart reports that Limbaugh claims there is a coup to oust President Donald Trump.

“There’s no evidence whatsoever. And yet there’s no end in sight to this.”

“We’re wasting our time,” Limbaugh declared on air, confident that investigators will find nothing but may attempt to fabricate something.

Limbaugh states with outrage that what we are witnessing is a deliberate coup. The controversial radio personality accuses Washington insiders of attempting to overturn the will of the people and oust a democratically elected president.

Rush Limbaugh states that the insiders are able to work anonymously to achieve their goals, possessing a dangerous power to manipulate away from public scrutiny and without the threat of career or legal repercussions.

Rush reflects that the five new investigations, which have all sparked up in unison, have the appearance of a “purposeful, studied effort” by insiders who are merely self-serving, and demonstrating total contempt for American democracy.

Limbaugh states that the shadowy figures know they will be protected by the anti-Trump media and by anti-Trumpers within the Democratic Party.

“I think it has a purposeful, studied effort and outcome, which is a coup. We are watching a silent coup here to oust a duly elected president, and this coup is being mounted by career government people who can traffic anonymously and who are protected by people in the media and within the Democrat Party.”

Many people are eagerly awaiting the upcoming testimony from former FBI Director James Comey
Many are eagerly awaiting the testimony from former FBI Director James Comey [Image by J. Scott Applewhite/AP Images]Featured image credit: J. Scott ApplewhiteAP Images

Limbaugh scoffs that firing Comey is “not a scandal” and the president is entitled to do that at any time he wants.

Rush reflects on what he sees as the depth of stupidity when he scoffs that investigators cannot even find their own cover-up to cover up the fact that there is not a problem here.

“Not only is there no evidence, there’s nothing to suggest the need of a special counsel. They can’t even find a cover-up to cover up the fact that there’s no evidence. What is the cover-up?”

Limbaugh says that what we are seeing is a desperate attempt by the media and Washington insiders to convince the public there is a scandal when there is no such thing.

“When you don’t have a crime, then what the hell is being covered up? But they’ve got people believing that there’s a scandal here, and you know what the scandal is? Firing Comey. That’s not a scandal. Firing Comey? The president can do that any time he wants for whatever reason he wants, and he doesn’t need anybody’s permission.”

Indeed, The Guardian has produced a real time “Major Issue” update page, similar to what readers might have seen at the time of major public scandals like the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky affair or atrocities like the 9/11 attacks. The Guardian page appears very thin on content, with large, blank, block-colored margins, repeated references to an unverified story that Trump called Comey a “nut job”, and screenshots of trending topics lists, which are actually very low on Trump/Russia content (in the most recent example there is only one Trump-related trending topic — the “nut job” story — nestled within trends about the Spider-Man and Alien movies and Endangered Species Day).

Breitbart reports that the “nut job” story is just one of a number of major stories based on sources that major news outlets refuse to share and evidence they admit is “partial.”

“The common element in nearly all the major New York Times and Washington Post stories about President Donald Trump this week is that they are based on source documents the outlets cannot authenticate, do not possess, admit are partial, and refuse to share.”

The Guardian has provided a summary of the many investigations surrounding Trump. Former FBI Director Robert Mueller, the Senate Intelligence Committee, and the House Intelligence Committee are all investigating the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. The House Oversight Committee is investigating Trump’s firing of James Comey, which was allegedly done to put a stop to Comey’s own investigation of Trump’s Russia ties. The Senate Judiciary is also investigating Comey’s firing, as well as the departure of Michael Flynn, an outspoken national security adviser who CNN speculates may have been dismissed to cover Trump’s Russia ties.

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