Ashley Graham Joins Teyana Taylor And Niki Taylor For A ‘Baywatch’-Themed Swimsuit Campaign

Ashley Graham, Niki Taylor, Teyana Taylor, Baywatch

Ashley Graham is embracing her inner lifeguard as she joins Teyana Taylor and Niki Taylor for a new Swimsuits For All modeling campaign. The three women donned cherry red one-piece bathing suits reminiscent of the outfits worn in the ’90s Baywatch television series and the new Dwayne Johnson-led Baywatch feature film. Graham has often expressed her interest in opening the modeling and acting doors to women of all sizes, so posing in the skimpy bathing suit with Teyana and Niki is another step in that direction.

Swimsuits For All Enlists Ashley Graham, Niki Taylor, and Teyana Taylor for a Baywatch Shoot

People reports that musical artist Teyana Taylor joined models Ashley Graham and Niki Taylor for the new Baywatch-themed ad campaign for Swimsuits For All, and it was just what Baywatch fans might expect: red one-piece swimsuits, accompanied by the classic Baywatch jackets with each model’s name emblazoned across the back. It’s such an accurate depiction that one might question whether Graham, Niki, and Teyana have roles in the Dwayne Johnson film.

Ashley is no stranger to modeling swimsuits. She was the first size 16 model to ever appear on the cover of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

@swimsuitsforall giving me life with sexy swimsuits, no matter age, shape or size. #SummerIsHere #SwimsuitsForAllSummer17

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Graham says she had a great time modeling with Niki Taylor and Teyana, hinting that taking the jet skis out for a spin was her favorite part of the experience.

Summer is Here. And so am I. @TheRock @BaywatchMovie – you better be ready. @swimsuitsforall #SummerIsHere #SwimsuitsForAllSummer17

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“I haven’t been in a swimsuit since the ’90s, so I was a bit nervous. But my life was always being outside and I live for the beach,” Niki Taylor said on being asked about her Baywatch experience. “I’ve had four children, taken time off and had some pretty major surgery…so it was never something I was thinking about, but then I thought…’Why not?’ And I have to tell you, it was great.”

The Baywatch theme wasn’t just set up for the ad campaign. Swimsuits For All is offering the red one-piece outfits with sizes ranging from 4-22.

For those considering the swimsuit, but still unsure about the fit, Ashley Graham assures women that they’re absolutely comfortable.

“I can’t believe I can wear this one piece without an underwire, my girls are up and lifted!” says Graham.

Model Ashley Graham Dislikes the “Plus-Size” Label

Ashley Graham, plus-size

The Detroit News reports that Ashley Graham is becoming more vocal about her dislike of the “plus-size” label applied to women who don’t fit within the accepted image of a healthy body style. Graham feels that the term is divisive and says women only use that term to describe themselves as a way to be accepted by society or as a way of defending themselves against body shamers.

“I think labeling and putting a name on women in certain categories because (of) a (size) number inside of their pants isn’t really getting us any farther in life,” says Ms. Graham.

On a positive note, Ashley says she’s very pleased with the fashion industry’s sudden change towards becoming more inclusive. Previously, fashion houses only considered the socially accepted size 2 models, but now Graham proudly touts a more open policy, allowing women of every body style, race, and age to represent their products.

Ashley also commented on the criticism she’s received for her recent weight loss. Without bashing her haters, Ms. Graham simply explained that her weight has always fluctuated. She may gain weight one week and lose it the next, but Graham says she has always been a size 14, and, for those wondering, Ashley adds that she’s happy and comfortable to remain that size.

As a full-figured model, Ashley Graham runs the risk of having designers refuse to work with her. When asked about it, Graham responds with her classically boisterous attitude.

“I haven’t experienced firsthand negative feelings of designers not dressing me because of my size, but if I did … you’d hear about it,” Ms. Graham declared with a laugh.

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