Melania Wears Reddish-Orange Leather Skirt, White Shirt As She Boards Marine One With President Trump [Photos]

Melania Wears Reddish-Orange Leather Skirt, White Shirt As She Boards Marine One With President Trump [Photos]

First Lady Melania Trump can be seen in the above and below photos with President Donald Trump, as Mr. Trump put his thumb in the air for photographers taking pictures of the duo to capture. Mr. and Mrs. Trump walked across the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, D.C., on Friday, May 19, while headed to the start of their international trip that will feature plenty of foreign stops.

Melania appeared to be wearing a long leather skirt of a reddish-orange color, as well as a sweater that appeared to be white or cream in color with feminine details on the sleeves, as can be seen below.

Melania was set to fly off with the president to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland in preparation for a trip with Mr. Trump that will take them to Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Vatican, Brussels, and Sicily. However, social media is more focused on Melania’s high-waisted leather skirt, with the fitted skirt causing plenty of feedback on Twitter. Whereas it has been predicted that Melania may don a headscarf in some of the countries that she will visit with President Trump, the first lady’s attire wasn’t necessarily as conservative as some folks predicted for the start of the trip. Comments about the leather fabric, the fit of the skirt and the weather abroad can be read below from social media users.

Melania leather

Nevertheless, Melania is still winning raves online for her fashion choices, although some are questioning if Melania wouldn’t be too hot wearing a leather skirt in May in Saudi Arabia, Trump’s first scheduled stop, according to the Washington Post. Those same folks might not take into account just how chilly certain airplanes might be, especially on international flights.


Close-up photos show Melania hugging Vice President Mike Pence.

As seen in the below video from CBS News, Melania’s leather skirt appeared more orange than red when seeing it in motion. Melania’s high-waisted skirt fell below her knees and was fitted up through her waist, causing a seriously slimming effect. As Melania walked up the red stairs to Air Force One, the orange hue of her dress in contrast to the red color of the carpeted stairs was apparent.

On social media, people are commenting on how flattering the leather skirt was to Melania’s figure, with some using more crass words than others to write about how much they love Melania’s leather skirt.

Additional photos showing Melania’s leather skirt can be seen via the Associated Press image gallery, with views from the front and side and back of the skirt. Plenty of buzz about Melania wearing a long leather skirt is flowing into Twitter. Some of those comments about Melania’s leather skirt can be read below.


“I suspect Trump chose Melania’s outfit today. No sane woman wears a leather skirt & long sleeve sweater in this D.C. heat!

“Melania is wearing an leather skirt. They are twinsies – too cute!

“Why does wear a leather skirt & sweater in late hot May to Saudi Arabia? Melania can afford a stylist.”

“Melania’s posterior in tight orange leather skirt is the focus of this shot, followed by that of Ivanka in equally tight flowered dress.”

tell Melania I like that leather skirt! Nice ***!”

“Two steps into plane Melania tears off tight leather pencil skirt, pulls on worn velour sweats, drinks straight from bottle of Everclear.”

“Melania going too, heard it’s a long flight…leather is comfy for a three day trip…Maybe she’s going willingly…”

According to Zeke Miller, the White House Correspondent for Time, joining Mr. and Mrs. Trump are Ivanka Trump and others.

[Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]