Trump’s Fist Photos: Why Does President Trump Raise His Fist So Often? [Photos]

President Donald Trump is known for raising his fist in public pretty often. In fact, a search for “Trump fist” in the Associated Press gallery of images turns up a plethora of photos that show Trump raising his fist into the air, either at a high level or a low level close to his chest, from well before Trump became President Trump. The above image comes with an Associated Press description that states the photo of Trump raising his fist was taken on December 21, 1994.

Trump had raised his fist during a news conference in New York, a day that found Trump criticizing the New York Post. The publication had angered Trump for reporting that the Sultan of Brunei wanted to buy the Plaza for $300 million, which was operated by Trump, so Trump threatened a $500 million lawsuit against the New York Post.

The oldest photo in the Associated Press images gallery discovered via a “Trump fist” search can be seen below. Dated April 5, 1990, the photo shows Trump after he ascended the stairs near a genie’s lamp when the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort opened with a fireworks and laser lights show in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The 42-story hotel loomed behind Trump in the photo, with Trump’s name atop the hotel in red.

Trump fist
Donald Trump with his fist raised in 1990 [Image by Chaarles Rex Arbogast/AP Images]

More Photos of Trump’s Fist

Getty Images also has a 1990 photo of Trump’s fist raised at the Taj Mahal, which Trump called “The 8th Wonder of the World,” in the oldest photo of Getty Images photos tagged with “Trump fist” in the verbiage. Newer photos in the Getty Images gallery tagged “Trump fist” prove that Trump has been making the motion of a raised fist for nearly three decades or more.

But what exactly does the raised fist gesture mean when Trump raises his fist?

According to the Daily Kos, Trump’s raised fist represents an “anchoring” technique — something not done by accident. Instead, the publication theorizes that Trump raises his fist during the midst of celebratory or excitable moments and continues to do so to foster the same types of feelings among whatever crowd he’s in front of at the time. The “anchoring” fist raise might be used to elicit a certain response from crowds in order to try and amp them up and represent an attempt at solidarity.

[Image by Rob Carr/Getty Images]

President Trump Raised His Fist While Dancing at The Inauguration Liberty Ball

As seen in the above photo, President Trump even raised a clenched fist while dancing with Melania Trump at the Liberty Inaugural Ball.

Approximately 100 or so photos of Trump raising his fist can be seen via the Associated Press and Getty Images galleries.

Once used as a protest symbol, and even used as a protest symbol against Trump by women in the below photo at a rally held by President Trump on March 15, in Nashville, the raised fist can have multiple meanings.

Trump fist
[Image by Andrea Morales/Getty Images]

According to BuzzFeed, Trump’s raised fist can mean everything and nothing at the same time.

Thoughts about Trump’s fist from folks on social media can be read below.

Trump's fist
[Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

Social Media Reactions to Trump’s Fists

“Donald Trump just gave someone a terrorist fist bump at the National Prayer Service!!”

“Is Trump evil, or is he a moron? Is he the guy cannily dismantling checks on his power, or is he the old coot shaking his fist at CNN?”

“Trump says he’s the target of a witch hunt before flying off on the greatest broomstick… the biggest golden mutha of a broomstick… gripping tightly with his teeny tiny little fists.”

“What’s with the ubiquitous raised fist?”

“Fear my tiny fist!”

[Featured Image by Marty Lederhandler/AP Images]