Gloria Allred Passes On Angelina Pivarnick’s Defamation Lawsuit Against MTV

Spotlight-hungry celebrity attorney Gloria Allred must be getting up in years or less willing to take risks these days. Not only did she pass on Lindsay Lohan in favor of her accuser in the troubled star’s latest debacle, Allred has also given the cold shoulder to Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick, who is pursuing a defamation lawsuit against MTV.

TMZ reports that sometimes Shore diva and frequent villain Angelina is going for a defamation lawsuit against MTV, which produces Jersey Shore. Angelina claims that MTV edited promotional spots and episodes to make her look bad and that she was humiliated by being excluded from the network’s “Restore the Shore” Hurricane Sandy clean-up benefit.

The former waitress says that the bad press has cost her other entertainment gigs and that her dreams of launching a musical career have been dashed in favor of a spot on VH1‘s Couples Therapy.

Angelina reportedly reached out to Allred, asking her to take on the case. Allred’s response was that she’s too busy at the moment, which MSN notes “is never true” in Hollywood.

Allred is busy though, as she is representing Scary Spice in a paternity suit against Eddie Murphy, former porn star Ginger Lee, and Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel.

Angelina was a cast member on Jersey Shore for the first two seasons. She left of her own volition during season one and was evicted during season two after becoming violent with her other cast mates.

What do you think? Does Angelina have a case?