Curvy Amber Heard Stuns As Mera In New ‘Aquaman’ Photos

Aquaman comic book fans will be delighted to see Amber Heard in full Mera costume for the upcoming James Wan directed film adaptation, because the first photo is nostalgic of the DC Comics artwork. Aside from the casting of Jason Momoa as the titular hero himself, the news that Ms. Heard was joining the cast to play Mera has inspired the greatest interest among DC fans and fans of the Warner Bros. film adaptations of the line of superheroes. With that in mind, Amber’s first appearance as Mera reassures fans that James Wan has an eye for delivering a faithful representation of the Aquaman characters.

Aquaman Photo Showcases Mera’s Envious Look and Amber Heard’s Curves

If you’re not a fan of Mera’s look in the Justice League teasers, the Hollywood Reporter suggests Amber Heard’s Aquaman look will be much more pleasing, especially for loyal fans of the DC source material. For the role, Ms. Heard dons red hair, adding a share of fire and passion to her look in a newly released Aquaman teaser poster as Mera, the hero’s love interest.

Amber’s costume is, of course, a deep green in color and designed with scales that seem to shimmer and sparkle when wet, which is the case in the photo. Heard seems to have just risen from the watery depths, suggesting the picture was taken during the filming of one of Aquaman’s water to land scenes.

Aquaman costume designers have added a measure of sex appeal to Heard’s outfit, giving the Mera character a form-fitting design that clings to all of Amber’s voluptuous curves. A plunging neckline exposes Heard’s cleavage, while a gold symbol over the abdomen completes the star’s look as Mera.

“Lady MERA swept in from the sea. First day with the exquisite Amber Heard,” James Wan captioned a tweet in which he shared the picture.

Previously, Amber Heard shared an image of herself in a make-up artist’s chair on the set of Aquaman, as she shared a caption that hinted at the star’s intense body conditioning for the role of Mera.

“Over a year of prep, 6 months of training, & countless hrs of denying myself pleasure, aka donuts, has led to this moment,” Heard captioned that picture.

Amber Heard Teases Her Mera Training for Aquaman

Any film that involves intense action sequences or revealing costumes often send actors to seek out the help of physical trainers and, as Cinema Blend reported, that has been just the case for Amber Heard. The Aquaman actress previously shared a picture of herself working out with a trainer of her own in an attempt to build strength for her Aquaman scenes. The training sessions had the added benefit of ensuring Amber had curves in all of the right places, once she slipped into that slinky Mera outfit.

Looking at the image shared on Amber’s Instagram page might give the impression that she’s decided to try out for football, following her divorce from Johnny Depp. Contrary to that first impression, Heard’s trainer and fellow actor, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, is working with the Aquaman actress in a football stadium, because he feels that’s the place to get the equipment needed to give Heard that ripped Mera look.

“Pulling my weight around here thanks to the best/worst workout wingman @yahya #BlackManta vs. #Mera #Aquaman…here we come!” Heard tagged the Instagram share.

It hasn’t been all work and no play for Amber, however. Heroic Hollywood revealed that the Aquaman actress took a cheat day on her training on her birthday. While a birthday celebration is a perfectly acceptable reason for a cheat day, that doesn’t mean Ms. Heard forgot all about her Aquaman character.

Happy Birthday to MEra! Thank you @creepypuppet @prideofgypsies, Rob Cowan, & the cast and crew of #aquaman

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Amber celebrated with a Mera birthday cake!

“Happy Birthday to MEra! Thank you @creepypuppet@prideofgypsies, Rob Cowan, & the cast and crew of #aquaman,” Amber Heard captioned that photo, suggesting the cake was a gift from her co-stars.

Aquaman, starring Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, and Nicole Kidman, hits theaters on December 21, 2018.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]