Reality Steve Wrong About ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay’s Final Pick? Fans May Be In For Season Finale Shocker

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Who is Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay’s final pick, is she engaged, and who is the guy she rejected when the final rose ceremony was taped last week? Reality Steve revealed Rachel’s final pick earlier this week, but there is speculation that his season finale spoilers may be wrong.

Warning: There are The Bachelorette Season 13 spoilers ahead.

On Thursday, Bachelorette host Chris Harrison revealed the names and photos of the 31 contestants who will pull up to the Bachelor mansion on Monday night’s premiere. During the Facebook Live event (video below), Chris did not drop any major hints about who would win the final rose.

However, shortly before the cast reveal, Reality Steve had already revealed who he predicts will win — that started some major chatter among fans while Chris was introducing the guys. Steve stated that he believed the final rose ceremony was taped in Madrid on May 11, and Rachel got engaged to Wisconsin-based personal trainer Peter Kraus.

Of course, now there is a buzz online that the Bachelorette Season 13 winner could be wrong. Steve is normally spot on with his spoilers, or at least he has been in recent seasons. But there are some fans who are questioning his final rose spoilers because he has yet to name who the final two guys are.

Now, that’s not enough to discount his prediction, but die-hard fans of the show will recall that he predicted that Brooks Forester would propose to Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock. And we all know how that turned out — she got engaged to Chris Siegfried and they are now married with an adorable son.

Steve was also confident that Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe rejected both Nick Viall and Shawn Booth. Shortly before the finale, the Daily Mail reported that Kaitlyn posted a Snapchat photo of herself in bed with Shawn. Within minutes, Steve changed his spoilers and admitted that he was wrong about the final rose ceremony.

Past spoiler mistakes aside, is it possible that Reality Steve’s prediction about Rachel Lindsay’s final pick is wrong? In a recent blog post, Steve stated that Rachel’s final three are Eric Bigger, Dr. Bryan Abasolo, and Peter Krauss.

Spoilers indicate that all three men met Rachel’s parents in Dallas before jetting off to Madrid, Spain for the overnight dates. However, Steve has yet to reveal which guy went home after the Fantasy Suite dates and who — besides Peter Kraus —faced Rachel at the final rose ceremony.

The popular blogger promised to give the episode-by-episode spoilers in the coming days, so perhaps he is waiting until then to reveal who Rachel rejected when the finale was taped last week.

But for fans who regularly read Steve’s spoilers, it’s unusual for him not to name both of the finalists. Is it Eric Bigger or Bryan Abasolo? If Steve is unsure, it may be the reason why fans are questioning his prediction that Peter Kraus is engaged to Rachel Lindsay.


For now, we’ll give Steve the benefit of the doubt. He certainly seems confident that Peter got down on one knee and proposed to Rachel last week.

“She’s engaged to Peter. Happened last Thursday… So congrats to those two, their lives and every motion they make from now until her finale airs on Aug. 7th will be dissected every which way but Sunday, so I hope they’re ready for that. Nothing left to see here for me.”

Do you think Reality Steve‘s spoilers are correct? Without watching the season, do you think she picked Peter, a personal trainer, over Bryan (a chiropractor), or Eric (a motivational speaker)?

Watch the two hours Bachelorette Season 13 premiere starring Rachel Lindsay on Monday, May 22 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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