‘Secrets Of My Stepdaughter’: Lifetime True Story Movie Inspired By Brittany Norwood Lululemon Yoga Murder

Secrets of My Stepdaughter is a Lifetime movie inspired by true story events. Directed by Jem Garrard and written by Conor Allyn, Secrets of My Stepdaughter is also known under the title A Murderer Upstairs. The movie is about a stepmother who tries to protect her stepdaughter after she becomes a witness to the murder of her best friend. However, when she begins investigating, she believes that her stepdaughter is the actual killer. The Lifetime movie stars Josie Davis, Tiera Skovbye, and Cameron Bancroft.

Synopsis: Secrets of My Stepdaughter on Lifetime

In Secrets of My Stepdaughter, Cindy Kent is living her dream life with her husband, Greg, and their daughter, Addy. Greg also has a daughter from a previous marriage named Jenny, and Cindy has accepted her as if she was her own daughter. Accepting her as a daughter means that she worries for Jenny as she worries for Addy. This becomes all too apparent when Jenny is late coming home from her job at a local store, and Cindy goes to Jenny’s job to find her.

When she arrives, it’s late at night, and to her surprise, Jenny is badly hurt. When Cindy looks to the right, she finds Jenny’s best friend dead. The police arrive, and they begin to examine the scene. Jenny’s story is that two intruders came into the store and beat them. She said they killed Leslie.

Cindy is shocked but relieved that Jenny is still alive. But as time goes on, Jenny’s story is not adding up, and Cindy begins to think that it was actually her stepdaughter who committed this act of murder. The question was why? Leslie and Jenny were best friends. The truth becomes as clear as day after it is revealed that Jenny had a terrible secret; a secret she was willing to kill for.


Secrets of My Stepdaughter Loosely Inspired by the True Story Murder of Jayna Murray

Secrets of My Stepdaughter is partially inspired by the 2011 Yoga Shop Lululemon murder. In that case, Brittany Norwood, 27, killed her friend and supervisor, Jayna Murray, 30. Police say Brittany Norwood killed Jayna Murray on the job to keep her secret. She had stolen a pair of pants from the yoga store where they both worked. Jayna was going to report the incident. Brittany was willing to kill to keep this a secret since she was an up and coming fitness trainer who had already been eyed for a new job. Brittany Norwood had no idea that Jayna had already reported the theft.

If it was revealed that Brittany Norwood was fired from her previous job for stealing, it would ruin her entire career. Years prior, Brittany had won a scholarship to a prestigious college in New York. However, when it was discovered that she stole from her teammates, she lost her scholarship. There was no way she would allow Jayna to ruin her future.

The murder of Jayna Murray tore the city of Bethesda apart. Maryland residents were shocked and saddened that such a pretty and ambitious young woman would die such a horrible death. Jayna Murray endured over 300 blows and was later strangled and stabbed.

Investigators say that after store hours, Jayna checked Brittany’s bag and found the stolen pair of pants. Jayna gave Brittany Norwood a chance to explain and acted as if it was something they could talk about the next morning. But when they left the store, Brittany realized that she was in deep trouble. Authorities say Brittany called Jayna back and stated that she needed to return to the store because she had left her wallet.

However, when Jayna arrived at Lululemon Athletica, Brittany attacked her and beat her with an iron bar. Police say judging by the wounds on Jayna Murray’s body, she fought for her life. What was even more gruesome was that Jayna Murray lived through the entire beating. What killed her was the knife that Brittany Norwood plunged into her body. It was the last injury, and it was fatal. Then Norwood staged an elaborate cover-up. She tied herself up with zip ties and cut their clothes to make it look like a sexual assault. Grabbing a pair of men’s shoes, Brittany Norwood walked through the blood to fool detectives, according to the Washington Post.

When coworkers arrived the next morning, they found Brittany Norwood tied up and Jayna Murray dead. DNA evidence is what linked Brittany to the killing.

For the murder of Jayna Murray, Brittany Norwood received life in prison with no chance of parole. Brittany apologized for the murder. Watch Lifetime’s Secrets of My Stepdaughter when it airs this Saturday, May 20, at 8/7 p.m. Central. Last week, Lifetime Television aired Daughter For Sale.

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