Betty White Dishes On True Love And Her Poker Secret

Betty White is a national treasure and a true living legend. At 95-years-old, she can entertain large audiences better than Jimmy Fallon or James Corden can.

Just let her say the word “b***h,” and people lose it. And that was exactly the case recently.

Betty White once again proved that she’s no ordinary 95-year-old woman when she called her Young & Hungry co-star Emily Osment a “b***h.”

Speaking to Us Weekly earlier this week, Osment revealed that the so adorable Betty White didn’t shy away from using provocative language off-screen when she called her co-star a “b***h” – not that Osment is complaining, she really is a “b***h,” at least according to White’s definition of the word.

Osment opened up about how Betty White once approached her and called her a “b***h” for having blond hair and blue eyes. “We like to call ourselves that,” said White, who has blonde hair and blue eyes herself, to Osment.

And Osment says she “loved” it even though she totally didn’t expect a 95-year-old woman to use this type of language.

“To hear such a sweet, sweet woman who’s in her 90s use the type of language she uses — she’s hysterical.”

And apparently, Osment cannot be prouder about being called a “b***h” by Betty White herself, as she says she’s now in a “b***h club” with the legend.

On Young & Hungry, Betty White guest-stars as Ms. Wilson, who can casually use vulgar language and throw sexual innuendos in the mix where it’s suitable, and sometimes where it’s definitely not.

Osment, who says she “still can’t believe” that she got to work with such a legend as Betty White, calls the 95-year-old “funny and crass.”

Betty White showed her comedic prowess on The Late Late Show with James Corden last week, and her appearance made the late night talk show trend on social media, according to Movie Fone.

Betty White absolutely stole the spotlight of the show when she showed off her poker face, and host James Corden as well as fellow guests Ben McKenzie and Amy Brenneman couldn’t help but be charmed by the 95-year-old.

During the sit-down, Betty White revealed to Corden that she regularly plays poker games with her friends. And while Corden was initially trying to get himself invited – who wouldn’t want to play with the legendary Betty White?! – he then seemingly lost the enthusiasm when White revealed they don’t play for money, they “play for blood.”

Corden then asked Betty White to show her best poker face – the kind of poker face she makes when she got a bad hand, but she wants to convince her opponents that she actually has a winning combo.

And that seriously intense, yet convincing poker face, which Betty White shows off at the 00:56 mark of the video below, can surely help White win millions of dollars in poker games! But then again, she doesn’t play for money. So is it millions of gallons of blood?

On a more serious note, Corden got his guests to share their love stories – and naturally Betty White had the best one. The 95-year-old talked about the one true love of her life, Allen Ludden, who passed away in 1981.

Betty White and Ludden were married for nearly two decades, and White – who has the longest television career of a female entertainer – revealed why their romance was so strong.

It was because, Betty White says, her late husband “kept the romance going all the time.”

“I always felt I was special to him. It does lift a girl’s morale a lot. So we had just a great rapport.”

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