UFC News: Dana White Rips Luke Rockhold A New One, Says McGregor Vs. Mayweather Is On

When it comes to the Ultimate Fight Championship the action usually takes place in the ring, but this week saw UFC president Dana White going to war on social media. UFC middleweight fighter Luke Rockhold is not impressed at the current stalemate in his weight division, and Rockhold did not hold back with his views on the matter. According to Metro, Rockhold is not happy that no top-ranked contender has had a shot at the middleweight title belt since 2015, and he has not held back on letting Dana White know his views.

Rockhold’s patience seemed to have run out when 35-year-old Georges St-Pierre was given a shot at Michael Bisping’s middleweight title. St-Pierre has no experience in the middleweight division, he has competed in the welterweight division for the majority of his career. Many rate Georges St-Pierre as the best UFC welterweight ever, but he hasn’t fought for four years, and in Luke Rockhold’s mind, he hasn’t earned a shot at Bisping’s title. It has taken an age to make a match between Bisping and GSP, and in Rockhold’s mind that has created a situation where the top middleweight contenders are left with nothing to fight for.

Rockhold’s frustration seems to have boiled over when Dana White canceled the Bisping vs. GSP fight, meaning that the contenders will have to wait even longer for their shot. According to the Daily Star, White may have announced the cancellation of Bisping vs. GSP, but it appears that he may not have told his fighters. Bisping claims that he has heard nothing from White about the cancellation.

“Honestly, it’s news to me. I haven’t heard anything about it. I reached out to Georges and he said he hasn’t heard anything officially either, and I still haven’t heard anything from the UFC or Dana White.”

Luke Rockhold Dana White

Rockhold lashed out, saying that if the middleweight contenders were not getting a title shot, then he “wasn’t fighting anyone.” Rockhold urged other fighters in the UFC middleweight division to send Dana White a message by taking the same stance.

“I mean, without us you have no fu**ing division. Make something happen. If they’re not putting an interim title on the line, or if they’re not making Bisping fight a contender, I’m not fighting anybody.”

“And so should the rest of the division, too. What’s the point?”

Of course, Dana White did not acquire a net worth of over $500 million by being a pushover, and he was quick to let Rockhold know his views on the matter.

Dana White Responds To Luke Rockhold, Tells Him To ‘Stick To Modeling’

Dana White had Luke Rockhold in his sights, at last weekend’s UFC 211, when he said that Rockhold had not earned another title fight because he hasn’t been in the ring since losing his title to Bisping last year.

“There’s a lot of guys talking about ‘deserve’—nobody deserves anything.”

“You’ve got to earn it here. You’ve got [Luke] Rockhold screaming right now, ‘I deserve this.’ You just got knocked out in the first round. You’ve got to come back and earn it.”

Rockhold hit back saying that middleweights deserve clarity and asking how GSP had earned a middleweight title shot. White was less than charitable when he hit back telling Rockhold to “stick to fighting and modeling and leave the matchmaking to us.” According to Fox Sports, Rockhold doesn’t have a fight booked, despite being out for 12 months, and Yoel Romero will now get a shot a Bisping’s middleweight title.

Conor McGregor, Dana White

Dana White Claims That Conor McGregor Vs. Floyd Mayweather Is Happening

Reports of a UFC cage fight, between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, have been doing the rounds forever. McGregor is certainly down for the match and has accused Mayweather of running scared. According to the Daily Star, McGregor has now agreed to terms for what could be the highest grossing fight in history. Negotiations between the McGregor and Mayweather camps were believed to be at an advanced stage, before breaking down last month.

According to Dana White, the deal is now done with McGregor and he is pushing Mayweather to sign. White does say that he will “walk away” if the Mayweather camp continues to drag their heels, but it looks like McGregor vs. Mayweather could be happening, at last.

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