'Bill Nye Saves The World': Reddit Destroys The 'Science Guy' For 'Sex Junk' Bit

The internet has spoken: Bill Nye Saves the World has officially sold out, and the "musical" segment entitled "My Sex Junk" proves it. Sources unanimously agree it really is the most awkward, unscientific, and just generally God-awful thing you've seen in a while. Now, even the Bill Nye fans of Reddit are calling the much-beloved pop scientist out.

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Gender is a spectrum and should not be determined by anyone's "sex junk." [Image by Sudowoodo/iStock]

Whether or not you are one of the many children or parents of children that grew up watching Bill Nye the Science Guy or reruns of the show, you may be aware that Bill is back; a reboot of the series entitled Bill Nye Saves the World recently hit Netflix. The reboot attempts to capture the same fun-loving, eye-opening, and overtly positive feeling Bill Nye's original show did, and sometimes it succeeds.

Sometimes, however, it does not. When "My Sex Junk" aired during the new season's ninth episode was definitely one of those times.

The musical segment, which features actress Rachel Bloom "dancing" around, is not only exceedingly awkward in terms of wording, but also over-sexualized, something which definitely doesn't belong on a show meant to capture childhood innocence.

Worse still, it is almost completely devoid of scientific content, which is kind of Bill Nye's thing.

It's pretty much impossible to put into words just how mind-numbingly awful the bit is, so give it a watch below.

If you watched this clip and did not enjoy it, you're not alone; users on social media network Reddit are tearing Bill Nye apart. Saves The World, indeed.

"It's just.. awkward in a way I don't know how to describe at all," notes one Reddit user. "The singing was bad, the lyrics were random and completely awkward, what does a fleshlight in the moonlight have to do with anything? It was all over the place."

"That was f**king cringey and gross," adds another.

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Rachel Bloom, the actress who stars in the "Sex Junk" number. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

Some of the comments focus on the segment's seemingly confused tone.

"I can not imagine who the target audience for this was supposed to be. It's extremely childish while also being completely inappropriate for children," says user Scipio99.

"It's also just so low effort. The lyrics aren't funny or informative, the dancing is half assed. Someone actually watched this and decided to leave it in the show instead of editing it out."
"Science programming doesn't have to be 'hip,'" someone else chimes in. "It merely has to be honest, which is exactly what makes it cool."

Perhaps user BigSloppySunshine says it best.

"This is the worst thing ever," he writes bluntly.

Reddit is arguably the most difficult community on the internet to turn against something like Bill Nye Saves the World. If there are two topics its user base tends to champion, they are probably science and nostalgic figures. It is no surprise, then, that Reddit was buzzing pretty loudly about Bill Nye Saves the World before it came out.

Given all that, it's quite a statement how venomous its responses are.

Redditors are not the only ones who despise Bill Nye Saves the World, either. In its review of the show, Gizmodo is equally harsh towards it.

"Nye's new show delivers delivers so little information in such a patronizing tone it's hard to imagine a toddler, let alone a sentient adult, enjoying it."

"It's a painful couple of minutes that limps its way to punchlines," writes The Independent.

Of course, there are those who get behind the show, though even those sources admit that the "sex junk" bit was horrible.

For example, Polygon argues that the show is actually quite enjoyable; most people just refuse to see it.

"Nye's new series if the perfect example of how nostalgia can lead us astray," reads its review. "We go in expecting the same experience we got when we were kids and when it doesn't hold up, we're more disappointed than we would be if it was an entirely new series."

Have you seen the show? If so, what's your opinion? If not and you want to try it out, Bill Nye Saves the World is currently streaming on Netflix.

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