Woman Confronts Cheating Husband And Mistress At Walmart

At first, it seems like the poor Walmart customer who was verbally attacked and accused of sleeping with the angry woman’s husband in a new viral video could just be anyone, and that this is a case of mistaken identity or perhaps even someone having a breakdown. But when the husband appeared after parking his car, it was confirmed that he was definitely out shopping with his mistress. It’s doubtful the pair expected to run into his wife there, but if you’re going to cheat, at least try and keep it on the down-low and don’t do your grocery shopping with your mistress.

At first, the woman known as Wayne’s wife who videotapes the mistress, approaches her calmly, asking if she knows who she is. She claims she doesn’t, which is a shock to Wayne’s wife, as the pair share a home together, and she accuses the side piece of breaking up a home. Wayne’s side chick appears to be relatively blasé about it at first, either perhaps not believing her or totally in shock that she got caught.

Wayne’s mistress simple tells his wife that she “better get out of my face” and turns and walks away toward another aisle so she can presumably finish her grocery shopping without the inconvenience of knowing that she’s carrying on a relationship with a married man.

“And if I don’t [get out of your face]?” Wayne’s wife asks.

For all of that talk, Wayne’s mistress isn’t much action, as she continues on her merry way while Wayne’s wife calls her a nasty, filthy cheater.

Walmart parking lot
A sign warns customers that they are being monitored by video cameras. [Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]

“Do you realize have children? Do you realize that? Are you a Christian at all?” Wayne’s wife yells, beginning to get belligerent.

However, the mistress is trying to avoid the situation for as long as possible, as though Wayne’s wife is just going to go away after confronting her. It is entirely possible Wayne’s wife already knew about the side chick and was just waiting for the moment when she would be able to confront her in this manner.

The mistress gets in the check-out line and says Wayne’s wife should get out of her face while giving her a not-so-nice — or Christian — gesture.

Wayne’s wife keeps going while the mistress totally ignores her. According to Wayne’s wife, she had already seen texts from the side chick, which show that she already knew he was married, meaning she probably knew exactly what his wife looked like.

A security guard then stands between the two women as Wayne’s wife continues to yell that she has video evidence of the mistress coming into the house. But Wayne’s wife has respect for the rules of Walmart, so she stops filming as requested.

Walmart worker changing sign in store
Walmart worker in Miami gets ready for black Friday [Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

However, the video picks up in the parking lot, with Wayne himself in the hot seat.

“That’s how you do?” Wayne’s wife asks him in the parking lot.

Surprisingly, Wayne seems just as unperturbed as his mistress.

“I confronted your little broad in there,” his wife says.

Wayne appears to be getting out of the mistress’s car, and the wife catches her license plate number so that she can perhaps track her down later on. She mentions that the pair have children once again, but Wayne seems totally unconcerned by this, nor does he show any remorse.

It’s probably safe to say it’s over between Wayne and his wife, though it would be nice for Wayne to show a little bit of guilt for his behavior.


[Featured Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]