For Some Reason, A Male Version Of A Romper Called The ‘RompHim’ Exists And The Internet Has Lost Its Mind

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There are always those trends that many really don’t know what to make of them, but the male version of the romper has the Internet thinking and speaking every single thought imaginable. Yes, there is something called the “RompHim” and if a Kickstarter created by a company called ACED Design ends up being successful, it could become the next big fashion trend that absolutely no-one knew they wanted.

It has only been a couple of days since the male version of a romper even came into true existence, and there has already been begging and pleading from social media.

As a matter of fact, there is going to be absolutely nothing standing in the way of the RompHim becoming a thing. By Wednesday morning, a mere two days after the Kickstarter officially began, it had crossed the $100,000 mark for a goal that was set at a mere $10,000.

Yes, more than 1,100 backers have supported it to get it over $127,000 with 27 days still left to go in their fundraising campaign.

“The RompHim™: Your new favorite summer outfit

Is it a romper designed for men? Sure. But it’s also pretty damn comfortable, and it may just be the start of a fashion revolution.”

The creators of the RompHim are dead serious in this becoming something huge for the world to buy, dress in, and enjoy. Stranger fashion trends have come down the roadways over the years, but the male romper is going to be one that may get the most flack before all is said and done.

Well, it will get flack when those on social media aren’t trying to take credit for it existing before ACED Design came up with it.

According to the official website for ACED Design, the idea first came about last year and everything began early in 2017. They went through the proper channels to make the male romper a reality and on May 15, they put the Kickstarter out there and caught a lot of attention in a hurry.

For now, there is not a lot known as to where the RompHim will be or even when it will be sold. All of that will come in time, but ACED Design did want to let the world know that there will be four male romper versions for the Original RompHim:

  • Red Chambray
  • Splatter print Cotton
  • Blue Chambray
  • Special edition 4th of July seersucker

No matter if there is one design, three designs, or 500 designs, the Internet has taken hold of the RompHim and are reacting as only they know how. Looking through the tweets as they come in, though, not everyone is against them.

New York Magazine decided to take an interesting approach to the new male romper by saying the Kickstarter would introduce men to the “agony and ecstasy” of wearing a RompHim. They were able to find out that the official retail price will be $119 but donating $90 to their Kickstarter cause will get you one for an almost $30 discount.

No matter what happens, the Internet has jumped all over this one in a hurry and actually helped the cause whether they are against it or not.

The male version of the romper is something that no-one ever really thought of as an actual thing, but there was bound to be someone to create it. ACED Design easily hit their goal of $10,000 and seem as if they could easily hit half a million or even $1 million before their Kickstarter ends in four weeks. The RompHim is going to become a thing and it will likely do very well despite what half of the Internet is saying initial reactions.

[Featured Image by ACED Design]