‘Yuri On Ice’ Anime Feature Film: Yuri And Victor’s Relationship Won’t Be Central Theme Of ‘YOI’ Movie?

Yuri On Ice, an insanely popular Japanese anime, will be adapted into a feature film, confirmed MAPPA Studios. Fans of the series are now clamoring to get more information about the storyline and plot of YOI film. According to rumors, Victor, Yuri, and Yurio, who were the lead characters in the anime, will play a very important role in the movie. However, they won’t be the central aspect or focus of the narrative.

Yuri On Ice, a sports anime television series that broke new grounds with the depiction of a complex yet beautiful relationship between male competitive figure skaters, may not get a Season 2 soon. Instead, MAPPA Studios, the creators of the Japanese series, confirmed it is getting its very own full-length movie, reported Comic Book. The creators even added that the YOI film has been greenlit and production is already underway.

Fans of the anime who have been hoping for a sequel to YOI are now actively discussing the plot and storyline of the film that’s based on the series. Rumors surrounding Yuri On Ice movie are majorly based on a rare interview of YOI creator Mitsurou Kubo. Fortunately, MAPPA Studios did confirm that the YOI movie is brand-new. In other words, Yuri and Victor’s story will continue on the silver screen, and the YOI movie won’t simply be a recompilation of the television anime.

In one of her interviews, Kubo had revealed that she expects a YOI sequel to be made and had confirmed that she has some material left from the first season of YOI. Now that the YOI film will make its debut before the Season 2 of Yuri On Ice is even announced, fans reason the material will be used to make the movie. If the speculation pans out to be correct, the movie could take a very different direction than the anime.

Yuri On Ice anime was largely based on the professional and emotional relationship between Yuri and Victor. Yuri is a talented professional figure skater but severally underestimates himself. His lack of confidence is visible in his initial performances, which were technically flawless, but lacked the punch needed for the gold. His state of self-doubt compelled Yuri to contemplate retirement. On the other hand, Victor, a highly talented skater from Russia, had managed to win the majority of the competitions that he participated, and since competitive figure skating is a young man’s game, he too, was moving away from the glitzy, but intensely competitive world of professional figure skating. Another player, Yurio, was also part of the anime. However, the series focused majorly on the duo and beautifully portrayed a delicately blossoming relationship which transcended many societal and perceptual boundaries.


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Many fans insist that the movie based on the anime would continue with Yuri and Victor’s relationship that had truly blossomed only towards the end of the painfully short Season 1 of Yuri On Ice. Although the anime had one of the best closures for a series that was only 12 episodes long, there are several directions which the sequel or the movie can take. While the movie could focus on events that take place after the final championship that Yuri wins with Victor’s help, rumors indicate they may not be the central characters of the movie at all. Instead, the upcoming YOI movie could take a significant detour and explore the story of Yurio.

A gifted and focused Russian figure skater, Yuri Plisetsky is as talented as Yuri Katsuki, who happens to be Japanese. Interestingly, Victor’s first student is Yuri P. However, after Yuri K. makes a rather comical but heartfelt plea to Victor, the latter drops everything and rushes to Japan to train him. Although Season 1 of Yuri On Ice did have significant portions of episodes dedicated to Yuri P., they never explored his innermost desires and fears. Not to mention, the jealousy that is bound to creep in. Moreover, Yuri P. is depicted as an intensely competitive athlete. Hence the movie could explore the relationship between Victor and Yuri P. before the former winds up with Yuri K. A prequel of sorts, the Yuri On Ice movie could easily reveal the interesting history between Yurio and Victor.

[Featured Image by Mitsurō Kubo/Yuri!!! On Ice/Funimation]