WWE News: Former World Heavyweight Champion Saves A Teenager’s Life

There have been a lot of news stories regarding a former WWE World Champion and his fiance over the past year, but this may be one of the strangest. Over the past few weeks, Alberto Del Rio aka Alberto El Patron has risen to the top in TNA Impact Wrestling and even become the Global Force Wrestling Champion, but he’s done much more outside of the ring. His fiance Paige has now said that he actually saved a man’s life.

Alberto El Patron ended his last stint with WWE in 2016, and with the shots he has taken at Triple H and the company, it is unlikely he will ever return. Still, he is engaged to former Women’s Champion Paige who has been out of the ring for months with an injury, so he’s still somewhat in the picture.

With stories of them constantly coming up in the news, Sportskeeda is reporting one that really has nothing to do with wrestling. It doesn’t really have anything to do with WWE or El Patron’s current promotion of TNA Impact Wrestling, but it does say a lot as to the kind of guy he truly is.

A number of fans, superstars, and others have said that Alberto El Patron isn’t the most stand-up guy or best professional, but this may change things. Paige took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to let the world know that her future husband actually saved the life of a teenager.

Now, there really is not much more known as to what the situation was or how everything came to be, but it does appear as if Alberto El Patron did save a young man’s life. Paige is raving about how good of a man he is, and if he very well could be, but this is a great deed for anyone to do.

Paige may hope that this news actually silences a lot of those people who have been criticizing him over the last weeks and months. It has been a bad time for the couple for quite some time now, and it doesn’t help that they have had to deal with major theft as well.

Wrestling Inc. recently reported that a ring Paige received from Alberto El Patron was stolen from her hotel room. She didn’t say where they were when it was stolen and she did receive a ring as a replacement from him, but they already had to deal with the idea of a pricey item taken from them.

It will be interesting if more information comes out about the former WWE champion saving the life of a teenager as no true details have been revealed yet. No matter what the situation may be, Paige’s claim that Del Rio saved a man’s life is something that is a selfless act and one that will showcase him in a very positive light to many people.

Alberto Del Rio aka Alberto El Patron is one of the most controversial superstars to ever step foot in WWE, and he’s still up there even though he is no longer with the company. The verdict is still out on just what will happen with Paige in regard to her time in WWE or if she will ever actually return from the injury. Still, she is with her man, and not only is he a top champion in TNA Impact Wrestling, but he’s now also saved a teen’s life.

[Featured Image by WWE]