May 16, 2017
Six-Year-Old Daughter And Father Found Dead In Home In Red Deer, Alberta

A 6-year-old daughter and her father have been found dead in their home in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada on Sunday, May 14, 2017. Police suspect that the cause of death is murder-suicide.

In the Lancaster neighborhood of Red Deer, Alberta, police were asked to check on a father and young daughter on Sunday afternoon. The home was owned by Robert Lesslie Malcolm Campbell who had live in the home alone. Occasionally, he had visits from his young daughter

According to the Calgary Herald, the home where the father and six-year-old daughter were found dead was surrounded by police on Sunday, neighbors said. That is how they knew that something serious was going on.

The forensic teams arrived later that afternoon and investigators began to ask questions of neighbors and request that anyone who had surveillance cameras that would have footage of the area surrounding the house bring it to the police. They were looking for footage of anything that took place between Thursday and Sunday.

One neighbor, Beata Wojtasiewicz called it, "a tragic situation, a very tragic and sad story." She continued to say that she just couldn't imagine how anything like that could happen in the neighborhood that they lived in.

Global news spoke to some of the neighbors that lived in the same area as the father and daughter that were discovered in their home and found dead on Sunday. One of the neighbors, Heather (who requested that her full name not be published) said that the whole thing was devastating. "There was a life lost and an innocent child. I'm a mom so it probably hits closer to home because of that." She said that she did not remember seeing the daughter and did not know the father, Robert Campbell.

Supt. Ken Foster agreed with her and called it a "tragic loss that affects our whole community."

Foster went on to say that there were not any concerns for public safety and they were not looking for suspects about the death of the daughter and father that were found dead in the home.

Campbell lived in the home by himself most of the time, but he did have visitation with his daughter every other weekend. The father and mother of the daughter were separated and had joint custody of the daughter. They had a sometimes strained relationship with arguments about support and custody. The daughter lived with her mother the majority of the time.

Debbie Hildebrandt, the mother of the young daughter, had previously expressed concern that the father was emotionally abusive. In May of 2015, in an affidavit, she said that the thought of Rob as a bully and believed that his conduct was harassment and that the father had no concern for her well-being or the well-being of his daughter.

Hildebrandt supplied text messages that show the father to be angry at times and emotional about his daughter at other times. He said that he thought that she took for granted that time that she had with their daughter and wished that he could spend half as much time with his daughter as Debbie did. Another text said,
"I don't think I've ever felt so sad, lonely, empty in my entire life."
An autopsy for the father and daughter will take place today, Tuesday, May 16, 2017, and the police will determine a cause of death while working with the medical examiner's office.

Foster expressed grief on behalf of the RCMP and gave condolences to the family and friends of the father and daughter who were found dead in their home on Sunday. He called it a tragic loss. He declined to provide information about whether or not authorities had been called to the home before.

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