Landon Clements Confirms Thomas Ravenel Is Dating A California Nurse

Karen de Wilde

The current season of Southern Charm shows Thomas Ravenel pursuing Landon Clements. Landon, however, has expressed that she's hesitant to get into a relationship with Thomas given his drama with Kathryn Dennis, with whom he has two young children with. Apparently, viewers won't end up seeing Landon get into a romantic relationship with Thomas by the end of the season, or if she did, they have since broken up, for Landon recently confirmed that Thomas is now dating a nurse from California.

On Saturday, Landon posted a photo of herself sitting between another woman and Thomas in a restaurant. Landon shared that they were enjoying tequila drinks. Landon also identified the other woman as Ashley Jacobs.

Did Ashley hang out with Landon and Thomas as the third wheel? As it turns out, no. A viewer left a comment stating that Thomas is dating the blonde woman, Ashley, in the photo. According to the viewer, Thomas posted about Ashley a while ago but then deleted it.

"jeremygarbin_readpoe: @dhhuizar Thomas is dating the blonde in the pic, Ashley. He posted about it/her awhile ago but then he deleted it"

Is Landon jealous that Thomas is now with another woman? It doesn't seem so, for Landon also shared that Ashley is "rad" and that if Thomas is smart, he would propose to her real fast.

"alandonclements: @jeremygarbin_readpoe Yes, because everyone has an opinion and says mean things; he's just protecting her. She is rad- if he's smart he'd put a ring on it real fast."

So who is Ashley? On her Instagram profile, she states that she's a registered nurse from Santa Barbara. Her Instagram profile also shows multiple photos of herself hanging out with Thomas on both sides of the country. One photo, posted a week ago, shows her, with her arm around Thomas' neck, seductively posing next to Thomas outside the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara. The next photo in the slideshow shows Ashley and Thomas, who has his hand on Ashley's waist, enjoying some drinks by the fireside with Landon and another woman.

If Ashley Jacobs' relationship with Thomas Ravenel becomes more serious and Thomas does, as Landon Clements recommends, end up marrying her, she will become the stepmother of Thomas' two children with Kathryn Dennis, Kensie, 3, and son Saint, 18 months.

On Monday night's Southern Charm episode, Kathryn talked with JD and Elizabeth Madison, close friends of Thomas' and godparents of Kathryn and Thomas' children, about the state of her relationship with Thomas. Kathryn revealed that after nine months of no communication, she just received a text from Thomas asking for a meeting. When Liz asked Kathryn if she wanted to meet Thomas, Kathryn said that she did for the sake of the children but expressed fear that Thomas wasn't being genuine.

"I want to, of course, for my children. I'm nervous. I always feel like he has a motive or something like that, you know?"

In her confessional interview, Kathryn agreed that perhaps it is time for her to meet with Thomas.

"I've worked really hard to get to a place where I'm okay with the fact that Thomas and I do not communicate because it isn't good for us. But maybe it's time."

"Thomas look me in the eyes. I loved you so much and I will always love you."