‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Abigail Files For Divorce, Xander Betrays Deimos

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Chad DiMera is about to get some very troubling news and that Deimos is going to be double-crossed by his close confidant and family member, Xander.

According to Soap Hub, Abigail will make a huge decision this week, and decide that to fully move on with her new life she will have to officially divorce Chad. Sadly, Abby will file the divorce paperwork, which will leave Chad feeling even worse about the broken relationship.

As Days of Our Lives fans know, Chad has made it more than clear to Abigail that he still loves her very much and wants to be with her. However, Abby has revealed that she could never stay married to Chad as long as he still has strong feelings for his ex-girlfriend, Gabi. Of course, Gabi is obviously still in love with Chad even though she’s started to move on with Eli. When Gabi hears that Abigail has filed for divorce, she may decide to make a move to get Chad back, believing that his marriage really is over.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Abigail may not be a single woman for very long. An upcoming storyline will reportedly find Abby’s close friend, Dario, in some hot water. Dario will allegedly be faced with the threat of deportation, and he’ll ask Abigail to come to his rescue. This will likely mean that Dario will ask Abigail to marry him so that he can not be deported back to Mexico. While Abigail may be a bit skeptical of the plan, it seems that the two will likely be tying the knot in the future. The pretend marriage could lead to a very real relationship between Abigail and Dario.

Meanwhile, Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that Deimos will continue to carry out his plan to hold Nicole hostage. Of course, Xander is doing all of Deimos’ dirty work for him by keeping Nicole his prisoner. However, help has officially arrived. Eric has found Nicole, and the two will now have to find a way to escape together. While Nicole feels strong anger towards Eric for causing the car crash that ended the life of her fiance, Dr. Daniel Jonas, Nicole will be forced to forget about her anger and work with Eric to escape Xander’s clutches.

While Xander seems to be under Deimos’ thumb, the tables will turn this week when Days of Our Lives fans watch Xander make a new set of demands. It looks like Xander will no longer be Deimos’ puppet, and the Kiriakis nephew will come into his own. However, this could prove to be a grave mistake for Xander, who may be at the end of the line. Speculation is rising that Xander will be killed off before his storyline with Nicole is over.

In addition to Xander’s possible death, Days of Our Lives fans believe that Deimos may also be getting killed off of the NBC soap opera. Viewers already know that the character is leaving the show, but his exit may be more dramatic than fans thought. In fact, because Brady Black is in the hospital and in need of another heart transplant, Deimos and/or Xander could be a match and eventually end up saving Brady’s life. However, that could lead to a whole new set of problems for Brady, who was already hypersensitive to Daniel Jonas’ heart after it was transplanted into his body.

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? Are you saddened by Abigail and Chad’s divorce, or Deimos’ possible death?

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