May 17, 2017
'Dance Moms' Maddie Ziegler Criticized For Being Too Cozy With Boyfriend, Ignores Abby Lee Miller's Jail Time

Former Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler faces criticism for being too cozy with her boyfriend, Jack Kelly. Apparently, some of her fans do not approve of their relationship, claiming that their romance is too much for their age.

Maddie Ziegler has been quite active on her social media accounts recently, sharing updates to her fans, particularly about her love life.

The 14-year-old dance prodigy is known for being open about her relationship with Jack Kelly. The former Dance Moms favorite is not holding back in flaunting her boyfriend, posting numerous photos of their lovey-dovey moments.

However, not everyone seems to be happy about their young love. Many were quick to point out that both Maddie and Jack are still too young to get hot and heavy on their romance.

In one of her Instagram posts, Ziegler can be seen spending time with Kelly by the pool. The young couple appeared to be a little too touchy feely as they hug each other wearing their swimsuits.

Many expressed their dislike about the photo calling it inappropriate for their age. A fan pointed out, "I'm not hating on Maddie, I just think she's too young to be doing that." Another one quipped, "You'll break up soon. Lol! 14-year-old love doesn't last long. Get ready for your first breakup kid."

There were even some who questioned why Maddie's parents allowed such PDA-filled moments. So far, Ziegler and Kelly have not commented on the said issues.

Jack, who recently traveled back to his home country Australia, has been the subject of curiosity ever since his relationship with Maddie became social media official. Although not much has been revealed about Kelly, many assume that he will continue to draw interest, especially from fans who are rooting for him and Ziegler.

In fact, Jack gained a considerable number of followers on Instagram ever since he started posting photos with his girlfriend, Maddie. The young couple has been together since January.

Meanwhile, amid her very public romance, Maddie continues to be mum about her former Dance Moms mentor, Abby Lee Miller. It can be recalled that the former co-stars had a falling-out after Ziegler trashed Miller in her shocking tell-all book The Maddie Diaries: A Memoir.

The starlet slammed the ALDC guru, revealing some intriguing details during her time in the hit Lifetime reality show and failed to mention the woman who helped launch her career.

And now that Abby was finally sentenced to 366 days jail time last May 9, Maddie remains "unconcerned" about the 50-year-old choreographer. In fact, the former Dance Moms mentor revealed that none of the original cast members of the show has reached out and shown support during this trying time.

Abby revealed to US Weekly that aside from Maddie, not a single original cast and staff of Dance Moms showed any sympathy.

"Nobody original from the show [has reached out to me]. You know, they've made a lot of money over the years and not a peep! And no one from the production company, no way."
Although Miller has not heard from the original Dance Moms cast including Ziegler and Chloe Lukasiak, the dance diva was supported by several current cast members of the show and ALDC students who never got involved in Dance Moms.
"Yolanda and Elliana [Walmsley], Stacey and Lilly [Ketchman], and Jaime and Maesi [Caes], and Brynn and Ashlee [Allen] reached out."
"And my own students, you know, of course, that are at my studio, but didn't get the pleasure and the money and the perks of being on a television show, but have paid me since they were 3 years old and are very loyal customers and loyal students," Abby added.
[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]