Harry Styles To Star In Revived ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Harry Styles is definitely inching closer toward the worldwide popularity One Direction once had.

The One Direction-turned-solo artist Harry Styles is set to revive James Corden’s iconic Carpool Karaoke, or as The Late Late Show host calls it, #CarpoolHarryoke.

James Corden made the announcement during The Late Late Show Monday episode, in which Harry Styles kicked off his week-long residency.

Fresh off the release of his debut solo album last Friday – Harry Styles soared to No. 1 on the U.S. and U.K. charts – the former One Direction singer wants TV viewers to see more of him in the coming weeks and months.

James Corden took his late night talk show’s viewers by surprise when he announced that Harry Styles would star in “a brand new Carpool Karaoke,” set to air on Thursday, the iconic segment where Corden and celebrity guests drive around in a car, singing songs together and cracking jokes.

James Corden teased during Monday’s episode that “you don’t want to miss” the upcoming episode of Carpool Karaoke, which hasn’t treated The Late Late Show viewers to new musical ride-alongs in more than half a year – since Bruno Mars’s video that has been viewed more than 55 million times.

It’s not the first time Harry Styles will be riding with James Corden to film Carpool Karaoke, as he has previously sang songs with the late night talk show host – not solo though.

In December 2015, Harry Styles filmed Carpool Karaoke with his One Direction band mates Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne, months after Zayn Malik’s departure from the band and just weeks before they announced their hiatus, which is often referred to as a permanent split.

But with the brand new Carpool Karaoke, Harry Styles is looking to start a brand new chapter in his life. Just two months after the upcoming Carpool Karaoke episode starring Harry Styles, the One Direction-turned-solo artist will be seen in the Christopher Nolan-directed film Dunkirk opposite Tom Hardy and Mark Rylance.

While the upcoming Carpool Karaoke episode, dubbed “Carpool Harry-oke,” definitely has all One Direction fans excited, they will be seeing even more of Harry Styles during the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday episodes of James Corden’s late night talk show.

While it’s unclear if Harry Styles will sing some of the old school One Direction hits during the Carpool Karaoke segment with James Corden, the solo artist will most likely perform some of his newest hits, including “Two Ghosts” and “Carolina.”

During Monday’s episode, which also featured actor Aaron Taylor Johnson as a guest star, things got awkward when James Corden reminded the audience that Harry Styles has a coop of chickens all of whom are named after the Kardashians.

It’s especially awkward given that Harry Styles used to date Kendall Jenner. To further complicate matters, James Corden asked the former One Direction singer if the Kardashians “lay every day”?

But a new Carpool Karaoke isn’t the only thing that will go down in the memory of James Corden show’s viewers, as Monday’s episode showed a funny interaction between Harry Styles and a gruff security guard.

The gatekeeper refused to believe that Harry Styles is, well, Harry Styles.

“You’re Harry Styles, sure, fine. And I’m Katy Perry. If you’re Harry Styles, then where’s the rest of One Direction?”

In order to get into The Late Late Show, Harry Styles had to use a patented One Direction mind trick and charm his way into the show. James Corden later tried the same mind trick, but it doesn’t go as smoothly. Watch the full video below.

Another exciting thing for Harry Styles fans throughout his week-long residency on James Corden’s show – apart from Carpool Karaoke on Thursday – is that the solo artist will be performing a new song from his new album each night. On Monday night, Styles performed “Sign of the Times.”

[Featured Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]