Why Military Personnel Believe UFOs And Aliens Were Involved In The Vietnam War

Military officials believe that UFOs and aliens were involved in the Vietnam War.

Were aliens and UFOs involved in the Vietnam War? A number of military personnel believe that they were and have been stepping forward since 1975 to tell their stories. Captain George Filer III is one extremely high-profile military official who believes that UFOs and aliens were definitely around during the Vietnam War. As Filer worked for the U.S. Secret Service in Vietnam and served the U.S. Air Force as well, many believe his account of UFOs to be extremely credible.

As the Daily Express reported, Captain George Filer has described seeing UFOs for himself during the Vietnam War, including one time when a UFO encircled the jet he was flying in.

“One of our planes flew at about 500 knots, and suddenly a UFO appeared and circled the aircraft several times before it flew off at three times the speed of our Air Force jets. It is a technology that is far superior to ours.”

Because of Captain Filer’s life-changing experience in having allegedly witnessed UFOs in Vietnam, he went on to dedicate himself completely to the investigation of aliens and UFOs and started an organization called the National UFO Center. As it turns out, George Filer is just one of many in the military who served during the Vietnam War and reportedly experienced UFOs or aliens.

Wrecked U.S. aircraft in Khe Sanh during the Vietnam War.

Pete Mazzola also claimed to have witnessed UFOs while serving during the Vietnam War. Mazzola first arrived in Vietnam in 1965, and opened up about the UFOs he saw before he died in 1987.

There were several times, while on patrol in the jungle, that I had time to look up at the stars. I saw more than a few unusual ‘shooting stars’ that maneuvered in a way no meteor could. I couldn’t believe what I saw. The other guys saw it too but afterwards were too shocked to talk much about it except to say,”What the hell was that?'”

General George S. Brown alleges that the UFOs that he and his fellow soldiers witnessed during the Vietnam War ended up being referred to as enemy helicopters rather than the UFOs he believes they were.

“I do not know if this story was ever told. They were not called UFOs. They were labelled as enemy helicopters.”

The Huffington Post has recounted a story in which those aboard an American patrol boat in Vietnam in 1968 witnessed what appeared to be two aircraft above them, and both of them were circular and glowing like UFOs. The military personnel on this patrol boat have asserted that the two glowing UFOs trailed slowly behind them into the demilitarized zone which separates South Vietnam from North Vietnam.

A second patrol boat, which was following the first one into the demilitarized zone, corroborated reports made by the military in the first boat. Furthermore, those in the second boat allege that they also witnessed the two UFOs following the first boat. Military personnel in the second boat report that there was a bright burst of light after the UFOs were spotted and then the boat was destroyed.

Captain George Filer was privy to a wealth of information on UFOs during the Vietnam War as he was the man with top secret clearance who was chosen to speak daily with General George S. Brown and give him briefings.

“Frequently, the Vietcong or North Vietnamese would be attacking an outpost and I would explain that, and we would have ground-air support, particularly at night where we’d go in there with these gun ships, and I would give briefings on all of that. Some of the time, there would be unidentified craft over the DMZ.”

General Brown would get briefings from Captain Filer during the Vietnam War about aircraft that flew so fast and were so advanced in terms of technology that Filer believes they could only have been UFOs.

“You’d have an aircraft flying along, doing around 500 knots and a UFO comes alongside and does some barrel rolls around the aircraft and then flies off at three times the speed of one of the fastest jets we have in the Air Force. So, obviously, it has a technology far in advance of anything we have. I would be told this unofficially.”

Captain George Filer went on to say that most of what was seen during the Vietnam War in terms of UFOs you would never actually put your name on. He asserts that signing your name to anything UFO-related could completely end your career, and he believes it is like this when it comes to commercial airline pilots today.

Despite how long ago the Vietnam War was, there are still military personnel coming forward with stories of UFOs and aliens.

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