May 17, 2017
David Hasselhoff's Daughter's DUI Arrest Amid 'Baywatch' Disappointment

David Hasselhoff's daughter is following in her father's weaving footsteps. TMZ reported that Hayley was found passed out at the wheel of her white Mercedes on a freeway off-ramp. Hasselhoff's youngest daughter was so drunk that she couldn't stay awake long enough to get off the freeway.

When the police arrived, they found Hayley's foot on the brake pedal and her head lolling down on the steering wheel.

It's not clear whether Hayley knew she was drunk and was trying to stop the car, or whether she was just slowing down for the off-ramp when she hit the brake.

Either way, her foot stayed glued to the brake pedal even after she slumped asleep over the steering wheel. The DUI went down in the early hours of Saturday, May 13 as the plus-size model was returning home from a Los Angeles party where she'd reportedly been drinking.

According to the Daily Mail, the police reported that when they responded to a 911 call at 4 a.m., they had to wake her up so that they could get into the car and take control of the vehicle, which was still in gear.

The whole situation could have gone bad very quickly, but fortunately, the police were able to get her out safely and move the car off the road.

David Hasselhoff's daughter, Hayley Hasselhoff, at the Just Jared party in 2016, before the DUI arrest. [Image by Matt
Hayley Hasselhoff at the 'Just Jared party' in 2016, before the DUI arrest. [Image by Matt Sayles/AP Images]

A police spokesperson said that "Hayley reeked of booze and bombed a field sobriety test" once they finally managed to get her out and standing up.

The 24-year-old Sharknado star was immediately arrested on a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol and escorted to a nearby hospital for a medical evaluation. Hayley was fine aside from her DUI condition and spent two hours in jail waiting for her $5,000 bond payment to come through.

This isn't the first DUI for David Hasselhoff's daughter, and her fans hope that she will start remembering what she's done and sober up.

The Daily Mail wrote that Hayley's dad has a huge problem with alcohol, and his struggle to overcome his addiction has been very public. David Hasselhoff's oldest daughter, Taylor Ann, became so frustrated with Hasselhoff's out-of-control drinking that as a teenager, she filmed him in a drunken stupor.

That video was probably intended to be for his eyes only, but it ended up going public in a wake-up call for the Knight Rider and Baywatch star.

Life has been going well for Hasselhoff and his daughters lately, and this is tough news for him to process. The Sun wrote that The Hoff was caught on camera this weekend outside a sunny Miami hotel smooching with his girlfriend of six years. The two were happy and about to head out for the premiere of the new Baywatch movie.

Unfortunately, David was disappointed in the reboot and slammed it as "not Baywatch."

After watching the movie, The Hoff told reporters, "You can't re-create David Hasselhoff."

David Hasselhoff's daughter DUI as Hasselhoff irritated by new 'Baywatch.'
David Hasselhoff's daughter was arrested for DUI on the same day that Hasselhoff was disappointed by the premiere of the new 'Baywatch.' [Image by Omar Vega/AP Images]

"It's funny, it's pushing the envelope, but it's not Baywatch – and I say that with a great amount of respect but a great amount of work that I put into Baywatch."

Recreating himself is exactly what David has tried to do as he works toward sobriety and staying away from getting hit with DUIs of his own. Getting the news of his daughter's DUI on top of the irritation he felt about the new Baywatch movie can't be a good thing for his peace of mind.

It's a bad week for celebrity drunk drivers. Only a few days ago, Utah KUTV news anchor Shauna Lake's DUI arrest made headlines. The Salt Lake Tribune ran a story about the "level of glee" people show when someone they know gets publicly humiliated.

Let's hope that David Hasselhoff's daughter learns from her father's mistakes and doesn't have to suffer more humiliation in her own life.

[Featured Image by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Images]