Christmas Light Show To Dubstep Is Epic [Video]

Christmas light shows are all about the glitz that they can achieve with the backing of Christmas classics, but, for one Meridian, Idaho family, that tradition was thrown out the window and replaced by dubstep.

The decorations are still very festive, featuring traditional Christmas lights, but the covered home and lawn plays out to a bass-heavy dubstep.

Watch the video and you will witness a rapid-fire pace as the lights attempt to keep up with the dubstep beat.

I personally love the use of traditional Christmas music that is overlaid by dubstep, which still allows for the spirit of the holiday but with a new twist.

Since being uploaded to YouTube on November 28, the light show has managed more than 332,000 views.

Here’s the full video. Be sure to watch around the two minute mark when everything gets crazy:

I wonder if they get along with the neighbors?