Kylie Jenner Not Reconciling With Tyga: Travis Scott ‘KUWTK’ Romance Is Genuine, Sources Say

Kylie Jenner couldn't be happier with Travis Scott, having realized that her relationship with Tyga was nothing more than a publicity stunt on the rapper's part.

Kylie Jenner has been seeing Travis for the last couple of weeks, and during this time, it hasn't taken the TV star very long to see the difference in both guys — one is very low-key and affectionate, while the other focused more of his attention on being photographed.

According to Hollywood Life, Kylie Jenner thinks that her ex-boyfriend was just looking for a way to market himself and boost his rap career. She's seen how Travis Scott handles himself, and it's said to be nothing like the 27-year-old, who she spent two years of her life in a relationship.

Sources claim that Kylie Jenner told friends that Tyga was an opportunist, and the fact that he's now said to be writing music about how the media is always in his business while photographers chase after him, the 19-year-old is glad that she's left her former beau, and this time she's not looking back either.

Kylie Jenner is a little annoyed by the fact that she ended up wasting two years of her life with the rapper, but she notes that it's better for her to have realized it now, rather than later on in life.

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Right now, the socialite couldn't be happier with Travis Scott, who has helped her understand what true love is all about, and what Kylie Jenner had shared with the "Rack City" rapper clearly wasn't it, according to the insider.

"Tyga's such a user and being with Travis had made Kylie see that. Travis is so low-key, and doesn't want to be seen. Where as every time she's with Tyga, he's always trying to go someplace loud where there's a lot of people so he can be seen with her and get the paparazzi to take pictures of them together."
"Kylie heard him rap that he's poppin' and that's why the paparazzi photograph him," the source added. "The real reason anyone cares about him is because of her and she's finally realized that."

What's worse is that Kylie Jenner's siblings had told her to stay away from Tyga on multiple occasions, but she refused to listen. Khloe and Kim Kardashian were said to have been very vocal when telling Kylie that a relationship with her ex-boyfriend wouldn't last.

The Kardashians knew that Tyga sharing a child with Blac Chyna, who is now the mother to Rob Kardashian's daughter, Dream, would cause endless conflict. And from what insiders have reported in recent months, they weren't wrong either.

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Constant arguments, cheating allegations, and numerous breakups eventually led Kylie Jenner to pull the plug on the relationship in March, and while it only took her two weeks to move on and fall in love with Travis Scott, insiders say that Kylie had been over the romance for quite some time — it wasn't a sudden decision.

The E! network confirmed last month that Kylie Jenner will be starring in her own reality show titled Life of Kylie, which is expected to premiere in July, E! News affirms.

The show will focus its attention on Kylie Jenner as she branches out and expands her empire with clothing lines, an extension to her successful cosmetic products, and more.

On top of that, Kylie will also let fans get a glimpse of her private life, where she'll openly discuss her split from Tyga and how her romance with Travis came about.

Do you think Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott will last and are you convinced that Tyga will remain the reality star's ex-boyfriend for good?

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