Selena Gomez Allegedly Pregnant, The Weeknd Romance Heats Up: Fears Relationship Will End?

Selena Gomez is fearing that her relationship with The Weeknd could potentially be coming to an end soon, which is why she's allegedly trying to have a baby with the singer to prevent him from breaking her heart.

According to Radar Online, Selena Gomez has been thinking about starting a family for a while, but her current intentions in having a baby are mainly because she doesn't want The Weeknd to dump her and move on to someone new.

Sources say that the relationship Selena Gomez shares with the "Starboy" hitmaker is unlike any other. They've been together for six months now and the last thing that Selena would want is to find out that her beau has fallen for someone else, evidently breaking her heart and potentially sending her straight back to rehab for depression and anxiety.

Selena Gomez started dating The Weeknd right after she completed her rehab treatment. She heavily relied on the singer once they started seeing one another because she felt like her boyfriend could relate to some of the things she's gone through.

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Insiders note that Selena Gomez won't know how she'll react if she was to get dumped — it would be more painful than when her romance with Justin Bieber came to end, simply because she shares a deeper connection with her current lover, it's been stressed.

"Some of Selena's family believes that she is trying to trap him into getting her pregnant," the insider shares. "She is not pregnant just yet, but she has been telling her friends and family that she wants almost nothing more than to have a baby right now!"

As mentioned above, Selena Gomez's friends and family think that the idea of having a baby, under those circumstances, is absolutely ridiculous. They are happy for the former Disney star to be dating The Weeknd, but to have a baby with him to prevent the chances of being dumped is absurd to them.

"She actually thinks that it is her time to have a child because it is the only thing in life that she has not yet experienced! Selena is so afraid that he is going to leave her. Pretty much no one around her thinks that her having a baby is a good idea. And there are certain family members that really believe she is STILL trying to get back at Justin Bieber!"
Radar Online claims that while Selena Gomez may still have feelings for Justin, she really wants to make her relationship with The Weeknd work. But, of course, their careers will prevent them from seeing one another as much as they would like to.

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In fact, it was even reported in November that the main reason why The Weeknd and his ex-girlfriend, Bella Hadid, had to call it quits was down to the supposed fact that they couldn't make time to see each other with their careers booming in the music and modeling industry.

Bella Hadid is alleged to have branded Selena Gomez a home-wrecker and backstabber, Vanity Fair reports, having told their mutual friends that she will never speak to the singer again, mainly because she had considered Selena to be a close friend of hers.

What's worse is that Bella's sister, Gigi, was known to have been best buddies with Selena Gomez, and from what sources gathered, the model didn't even speak to her former friend at the recent Met Gala event that they had both attended.

There's a rift that Selena Gomez reportedly caused because she's dating Bella's ex-boyfriend, and none of the Hadid sisters are happy about it.

Do you think Selena Gomez is making a wrong decision in wanting to have The Weeknd's baby?

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