'General Hospital' Star Roger Howarth Signs New Deal, Franco Sticking Around Port Charles

There is great news out for General Hospital fans who love the character of Franco, played by Roger Howarth. There had been a lot of buzz swirling that the show was having trouble coming to terms with Howarth on a new contract and General Hospital spoilers hinted that Franco might be off the canvas soon, and perhaps even gone entirely. Just as viewers were warming up to "Friz," Elizabeth and Franco, together, it sounded as if big changes might be on the way. However, now reports are emerging indicating that an agreement has come together between Roger and the soap.

Soap Opera Digest shares that General Hospital and Roger Howarth have come to terms on a new deal and Franco will be sticking around Port Charles. Daytime Confidential had recently revealed that the soap and the actor were struggling to put together a deal that worked for both sides. There was talk that the writers would have to hold off on writing for the character soon, an issue that happened last year with actress Rebecca Herbst as well.

This is not the first time that there have been rumors of trouble regarding a contract renewal for Howarth. Just a matter of months ago, General Hospital viewers were hearing the same kind of buzz about the possibility that Roger would be departing. Luckily, in both cases, deals were struck before anything happened on-screen to the character.

It has taken fans a while to warm up to the idea of Elizabeth and Franco together, but viewers seem to be coming around on "Friz" and would be feeling quite disappointed if Howarth were to depart. Roger first popped up on General Hospital in 2012 playing his One Life to Live character Todd in Port Charles, and he then transitioned into playing Franco in 2013.

The actor has certainly been through some crazy storylines during his time in the role over the past few years. Since Franco has been mostly redeemed, viewers have been curious to see where things would head next. Of course, it can get a bit difficult when a character puts his dark days behind him, as then it can be challenging to keep things interesting. Some viewers might wonder if this became a topic of conversation during the contract negotiations, as Howarth would certainly want to feel confident that there are interesting things ahead for him and his character.

What's coming next for Franco and Elizabeth now that it is known that Roger is staying in the role? Soap Central shares that Franco will return to Port Charles as the week of May 15 begins, despite the condition Jason left him in back on Cassadine Island. In addition, soon viewers will see Elizabeth feeling hopeful and brighter about things. Jason will talk with Jake to try to clear things up, but General Hospital spoilers hint that there is more to come regarding this Jake situation.

Jake is said to immerse himself in magic and the buzz is that things may explode later in the week when the Nurses Ball takes place. It is known that Constance Towers will be back as Helena soon, and fans cannot wait to see how all of this connects together.

General Hospital fans are relieved to hear that Roger Howarth inked a new deal and that Franco will continue to shake things up in Port Charles for the foreseeable future. Whether his romance with Elizabeth can survive the current drama related to Jake, Helena, Jason, and the Cassadine Island adventure remains to be seen, as spoilers tease that things are going to get pretty wild on this front.

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