Queens Man Allegedly Gifts Mom With Bullet In Head In One Of Several Mother's Day Shootings

A Queens mother and her toddler-aged daughter are reportedly two victims of three separate Mother's Day's shootings that occurred throughout the New York City borough on Sunday morning, according to the New York Post.

In regards to the first incident, the aforementioned mother, a resident of Jamaica, Queens, was shot in the face by her boyfriend, a 42-year-old man whose name has not been publicized, following a verbal altercation in their residence around 9:40 a.m.

"In the morning, I [heard] the bang and the screaming," one of the shooting victim's neighbors, who declined to share her name, expressed of what transpired that Mother's Day.

"They were fighting and then 'bang!'"
The resident went on to confirm the existence of the victim's infant, a little girl, who may either have been hit in the crossfire by the bullet -- or by a splattering of her own mother's blood.
"She has a three or 4-month-old baby," the neighbor explained.
"She got shot, [too]."
Other witnesses could not confirm or deny the report of the mother's baby also being hit by the gunfire.

However, one onlooker; in particular, claimed to writers of the Post that she personally saw the victim running through the halls of the building in pain, just moments after her lover purportedly opened fire at the woman's head.

"She said, 'he shot me,'" the second neighbor offered, before adding, "she had black all over her face from where the gun went off."

"We all heard the pop [and the] arguing before it. They [live in the apartment] directly above us."
The victim's boyfriend was immediately apprehended by the New York Police Dept. (NYPD) on-scene and taken to police headquarters for proper questioning regarding his motives for the crime. The woman, meanwhile, was transported to Jamaica Hospital where, as of Sunday afternoon, she was still in critical condition. Charges for the shooter are currently pending.

Prior to the Jamaica incident, a 38-year-old Brookville resident was said to have been "ambushed" by two unseen suspects near 144th Ave. & 227th St., the New York Daily News reports.

"The [pair of] suspects, at least one of whom was armed," the Daily News writes, apparently exited their Silver BMW around 8:30 a.m. that morning, "and shot the 38-year-old twice in the head."

A second unnamed Brookville victim, a 40-year-old man, was also reported as taking a bullet to the torso during the incident.

Both men were treated for their injuries at Jamaica Hospital shortly thereafter, but the 38-year-old went on to succumb to his injuries later that morning. The elder of the two men was last mentioned as surviving his injuries, and is now said to be in stable condition. Police have yet to seize the supposed suspects.

mother's day shooting
Mother's Day in Queens was horribly marred by four separate shootings throughout the borough -- and one fatality. [Image by william87/iStock]

As for the third and final Mother's Day shooting, the New York Post reported that a 42-year-old Rosedale resident was shot in the back of the neck as he stood in the doorway of his Mayda Road home early Sunday morning.

"Police said a man wearing a gray camouflage jacket and a woman fled the scene and are currently being sought in connection with the shooting," the site's writers went on detail.

A neighbor of the Rosedale shooting victim went on to inform Post reporters that the residence where the man was shot at, is known my many in the area as being a "drug den," with strangers seemingly coming in and out of the home at hours of the night.

"It's [drug-related]," Myriem Julien, the neighbor, surmised to the Post.

"I am a nurse and I can tell you they all look like addicts."
Like the other three Mother's Day shooting victims, the Rosedale resident was taken to Jamaica Hospital to be treated for his wounds. The person who fired the weapon at the latter victim's neck is seemingly still on the loose.

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