Jennifer Lopez Is Telling Alex Rodriguez How To Dress Up Now

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are very much in love and now Jennifer Lopez is telling A Rod how to dress.

Sources allegedly go on to say that Jennifer Lopez's team is helping him out, Radar Online has stated.

Alex Rodriguez looks great and has his own style, but Jennifer Lopez's team is going to help him look even better.

"Jen's team is helping out," a source told Naughty Gossip. "They have access to the best clothes in the world. A-Rod has great style and knows how to look great, but her team can make him look even better."

It's been said that Jennifer Lopez has given him a list of approved clothes. "She's given him an approved wardrobe list, and a list of instructions on where to stand next to her on red carpets," a source told Radar.

The sources have also stated that Alex shops at the stores, unlike Lopez, who only wears designer clothes. "Alex buys clothes from stores," the source told Naughty Gossip. "Her team is getting him stuff straight of the runways from around the world."

Although shopping is not Rodriguez's forte, he is enjoying it and the difference is apparent in the way he looks now. "So far he is enjoying it. Shopping has never been his thing, so having a team bring him clothes is great," the source told Naughty Gossip.

"Plus, he does look extra sharp."

Jennifer Lopez is very much in love with Alex Rodriguez. She was on Late Late Show, and when Lopez was asked about her relationship with Rodriguez, she said: "What do you want me to say?," Page Six claimed.

Jennifer Lopez said he is a great guy. "He's the best, you would love him," she finally gushed. "He's a great guy, he's fun, he's awesome."

It's not just Jennifer Lopez who's been gushing about her new love. Alex Rodriguez famously said on The View that Lopez is an "amazing" girl. "She's an amazing, amazing girl," he said.

Jennifer Lopez's family is very happy about the fact that she has "finally scored" with Alex Rodriguez.

"Jennifer's family is excited about her dating him. They think she finally scored," a source told People magazine.

The sources have stated that for the both of them, it's a big deal and Jennifer is spending time with his family.

For Jennifer, it "is of course a big deal but a natural step … She is spending time with his family, too."

"They are definitely getting more serious," a Lopez source says of the couple — dubbed, naturally, J-Rod — in the new issue of People. "When they are apart, they speak every day. It's like they can't get enough of each other."

The two are very serious about each other. Both Jennifer and Alex have children and it looks like everyone is getting along very well.

"It's always unpredictable when you try to merge two families with young kids, but so far so good," adds the source. "The kids have all spent time together, and everyone is getting along."

It looks like Jennifer Lopez's relationship with Alex Rodriguez is also supported by her ex husband Marc Anthony.

"Marc thinks A-Rod is the man. They have been friends for a while, not close friends, but they have always had total respect for each other," an insider told Hollywood Life.

It looks like Marc Anthony would totally back Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez if ever they decided to get married.

"Marc would actually give his complete blessings if A-Rod proposed to JLo," the source says.

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