'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 91 Preview Analysis: Buu's Apparent Retirement, More Frieza Hype And U6 Updates

It remains to be seen whether Frieza would really replace Buu as the final member of the Universe 7 representative team in Dragon Ball Super, but the anime definitely seems to be teasing the return of the iconic and much-loathed villain. If the preview for DBS Episode 91 is any indication, it appears that Buu would really be out of commission, and as previous leaks have shown, Goku would be replacing the pink fighter with the evil Frieza.

Warning! Spoilers Below!

The preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 91 featured a number of interesting scenes, starting with what appears to be a training sequence involving Frost and Hit. From what could be seen in the brief moment, it seems that the two Universe 6 warriors are sparring, and Frost is not putting up much of a fight against Hit. Considering the latter's almost overpowered abilities. However, the nature of the two fighters' interaction in the preview appears to be well justified.

Immediately after the scene with Frost and Hit, the DBS Episode 91 preview depicted the two Omni Kings playing with each other, with Future Zeno seemingly hitting Present Zeno with a hammer. From what previous leaks have shown so far, it appears that the two Omni-Kings would be feeling quite impatient since the preparations for the Tournament of Power are taking far too long. Considering that the battle royale's preparations have been going on over the past couple of months, numerous Dragon Ball Super fans in online forums such as Reddit have fondly remarked that they share the two Zenos' sentiments.

As revealed in the brief DBS Ep 91 teaser, however, the Grand Priest would be explaining the wait for the Tournament of Power to the Omni-Kings, especially with regards to the recruitment of fighters among the participating universes. Scenes of Universe 9's God of Destruction and Bergamo, as well as one of Universe 11's fighters, were also shown, according to a Fansided Bam! Smack! Pow! report. With this, it appears that Dragon Ball Super Episode 91 would tell multiple stories from various universes, as well as how each would be preparing for the upcoming tournament.

One thing that definitely stuck out in the DBS Episode 91 preview, however, was the confirmation that Buu would indeed be encountering problems at the eve of the U7 fighters' departure for the Tournament of Power. Buu's seeming absence from the upcoming battle has already been teased in past Dragon Ball Super leaks, and the development has been met mostly with polarizing reactions from casual viewers and avid fans of the animated series alike. As stated in recent leaks, Buu would be replaced in the Tournament by Frieza, who would stand as a 10th member of the Universe 7 team.

The recruitment of Frieza has become a sore topic among fans of the long-running anime franchise, with many stating that the villain has already been featured one too many times. Others, however, have welcomed the inclusion of the fighter, due to the possibilities his inclusion would open up in the Tournament of Power. Speculations are also high, however, that the shounen series' Frieza tease would ultimately prove to be a Red Herring.

While Buu definitely seems to be on the track of being replaced as the 10th Universe 7 fighter, the anime has done nothing but build up the pink fighter since the first teaser image for the Universe Survival Arc emerged. From official posters to recent promo videos, Majin Buu has always been included in the final lineup of Universe 7's fighters. Thus, there is a good chance that Frieza's recruitment is simply the anime's way of trolling its fans. If any, a Red Herring such as this would not be out of character for the long-running series at all, considering Dragon Ball Super's tendency to be quite liberal with its plot.

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