'Ellen DeGeneres Show': Nicole Kidman Spitting Out Chef's Food, Rude Or Just A Harmless Joke?

Ever since Nicole Kidman's most recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this week, a certain "cringe-worthy" segment had everybody talking.

After a normal sit-down interview with the starlet, Ellen invited chef Giada De Laurentiis onto the show to promote the upcoming season of her show Food Network Star and to cook what could have been some delicious eats. Pretty quickly, the segment started to go south. Ellen couldn't role the rice-balls and Nicole did admit that she herself wasn't a good cook. After a few snide comments from the chef herself, Kidman fired back with some awkward side-eye and some hilarious critiques about the food.

After showing them how to make clementine and fennel pizza, Ellen and Nicole bit into the samples, which had been sitting out for hours and had turned "a little tough." Nicole spoke up and mentioned this in front of the live audience. Afterwards, she said "I know you're not meant to criticize but it's a little tough!" and the proceeded to spit out the food.

While many people love the clip and think it's comedy gold, some people believe it was rude of the actress to so blatantly slam the chef's cooking and try to make her look bad. Throughout the whole segment, Nicole can be seen making some side-eye at the chef after what could be perceived as a few mocking comments towards not only her, but Ellen! Giada kept making reference to the fact that Ellen and Nicole could not cook, bashing their ball-making ability more than a few times. During the ball-making segment, Nicole spoke up to say "This is a family friendly show!", after Giada seemed to be making sexual innuendos about the task. Furthermore, she compared Ellen's rice balls to "dog food."

On an 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' segment this week, the chef and Nicole Kidman took some jabs at each other.
Celebrity chef Giada de Laurentiis is a judge on the reality competition series "Food Network Star". [Image by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]

Before Kidman spit out the hard pizza, Ellen was having a visibly hard time chewing the food, too (in a comedic way, as she's known to do), but it was Nicole who hilariously brought it to attention.

The Daily Mirror calls it an "incredibly rude" move, but was it actually? TIME even mentioned that Kidman had "zero time" for Giada's comments on the show. However, it was likely a harmless joke made to lighten the mood and try to bring some comedy to an otherwise less-than-exciting segment. Whichever way the comment was made, De Laurentiis didn't seem to take too lightly to it by quickly stating, "Nicole, it's been sitting there for like five hours. I hate doing these things for that reason."

The chef went on to say that she doesn't even know "why [she] bothers." Of course these comments were made in between hysterical laughter so it was likely all meant in good fun, but of course people are already taking their sides. The jabs here and there made towards each other could be seen as just harmless fun between two women, although some have watched it and called it "awkward" and even "cringe-worthy."
Elsewhere in the starlet's appearance on the talk show, she talked about the infamous "Oscar Clap' that took the web by storm. She explained to Ellen on the show that she was afraid of damaging the expensive diamonds that she was wearing for the ceremony, but that she can in fact clap normally. Also, she spoke about the amazing success of the show Big Little Lies, even saying that she has been recognized on the street because of her role on the show, shockingly admitting that before that, she hasn't been recognized or stopped on the street by fans in a long while.

What do you think of the segment? Whose side are you on? Sound off in the comments section below!

Watch the whole clip below.

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