Google Pixel 2 Might Be The Best Android Handset This Year, Specs Revealed?

Google Pixel 2 is bringing the promise of pure Android, something that has been widely requested by fans yet ignored by smartphone manufacturers. The company's first attempt at making a mobile phone was well-received, so Google has quite high expectations to fulfill with the successor. But the recent leaks show that fans do not have anything to worry about.

Google Pixel 2 Codename Taimen

There are reportedly three Google Pixel 2 handsets coming this year, Muskie, Walleye, and Taimen. While the first two variants have been mostly the subject of rumors and speculations, the latest information leak is of Taimen, which was spotted on the benchmarking website Geekbench.

The test results show that the Google Pixel 2 Taimen variant is going to be a powerhouse that will be able to compete with the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, two of the most powerful smartphones today. In single-core testing, the device scored 1804 and 6284 in multi-core. Believed to be sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset paired with 4GB RAM, Taimen had decent scores considering that it is still just a prototype. For comparison, the Galaxy S8 with the same SoC scored 1929 and 6084 in single-core and multi-core tests respectively.

Other Snapdragon 835-equipped smartphones, as listed by ValueWalk, include the Xperia XZ Premium (with scores 1943 and 5824) and the OnePlus 5 (with scores 1963 and 6687). As can be observed, Google Pixel 2 lagged behind its competitors in the single-core test but bested the Galaxy S8 and Xperia XZ in multi-core.

These figures do not tell much details regarding the Pixel 2 Taimen's specs, but it hints of a very capable smartphone that has a potential to be the greatest Android smartphone this year. The Galaxy S8 currently holds that title, but with all the other mobile phones that are yet to be released, it might not hold it for long.

Google Pixel 2 Specs, Release Date

Currently, there is not much that is known about the Pixel successors. However, rumors and leaks here and there point to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip and 4GB RAM, both of which have been confirmed by the benchmarking listing on Geekbench. The rumor mill also tells of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB storage options with quite possibly no microSD slot. It should also come out of the box with Android O, Google's yet unnamed OS following the Nougat.

All three variants of the Google Pixel 2 should be released at the same time. As to when is that happening, no one knows for sure. A report from the Inquisitr speculated that it might be sooner than October, which is when the Pixel was revealed last year. A comment from a Google engineer revealed that a prototype of the Walleye variant is already on-hand. Then the Taimen version is also already existing as evidenced in the benchmark results. These are taken as hints to the nearing release of the Pixel 2.

It is believed that Google is now testing the products, which should not take too long. It is a little early to have concrete products if the company is indeed targeting an October launch, so speculations suggest that the Pixel 2 lineup are being prepared right now to be unveiled in the next few months.

Some fans say that an announcement is likely to happen during Google's I/O event this May, but some believe that it is too early. August may be more possible since it is also when Android O is rumored to go live. As Pixel 2 and Android are both products of Google, it is possible that they will be released simultaneously.

However, these are all rumors for now that are best taken with a pinch of salt. Tune in for more Google Pixel 2 updates.

[Featured Image by Ramin Talaie/Getty Images]