MacBook Pro 2017 Would Be Apple's 'Most Significantly Redesigned Product' Of 2017, Says Analyst

The current iteration of the MacBook Pro, which was revealed late last year, was an admirable, if not significantly flawed device. Though the machines were incredibly sleek, many professional users took issue with the MacBook Pro 2016's lack of upgrade options. Fortunately, if one of the tech community's most accurate Apple analysts is any indication, it appears that the 2017 iteration of the MBP would be far superior to its predecessor.

According to a CultofMac report, the 2017 MacBook Pro would feature much of the features that were missing on the 2016 devices. Among these would be expandable memory, a much-loved feature that was unfortunately left out in the 2016 MBP. Ming-Chi-Kuo, arguably the tech industry's most accurate Apple analyst, stated that 2017 would be the year when Apple finally put the "pro" back in the MacBook Pro. In fact, Kuo has reported that among Apple's devices for 2017, the MacBook Pro would be "the most significantly redesigned product this year."

Interestingly, this particular decision appears to have been encouraged by the fact that numerous professional users shunned the sleek powerhouse machine due to its severe limitations. Also impressive is the fact that the analyst affirmed that the 2017 MacBook Pro would finally feature a variant with 32GB of RAM. This particular configuration is something that professional users would definitely appreciate, seeing as one of the 2016 MBP's biggest limitations was its 16GB RAM limit.

Considering that the 2017 MacBook Pro would be featuring expandable memory, the noted Apple analyst stated that the upcoming machines would also be fitted with a line of newer, more powerful and more power-efficient chips. According to a Paste report, the 2017 MacBook Pro would finally feature Intel's powerful, efficient Kaby Lake processors.

The MacBook Pro 2016 was launched with much fanfare, and two of its variants even debuted with the Touch Bar, a feature that has never been seen before. Inasmuch as the device was full of bells and whistles, however, it was severely lacking in one particular department -- its processor. While the device was stunning in design, its processors were aging Skylake chips, which were inferior to Intel's industry-leading Kaby Lake processors. Apart from their lack of power, Skylake chips were also limited when it came to their supported laptop-grade memory, resulting in the MBP 2016's 16GB cap on RAM.

With Kaby Lake chips on board, however, Apple could increase the MacBook Pro 2017's memory to 32GB of RAM. Coupled with the advanced Intel Kaby Lake chips, the processors would enable the MacBook Pro 2017 to truly perform according to its reputation and "Pro" moniker. This, of course, would most likely encourage avid Apple users who skipped out on the 2016 MBP due to the device' limitations to finally go for an upgrade. The number of users still utilizing a souped-up 2012 MacBook Pro to this day is still very significant, after all.

Kuo, however, stated that while the MacBook Pro 2017 would surely be fitted with numerous upgrades, the device would not be available until late into the year. The analyst predicted that the top-tier 15-inch MacBook Pro 2017, which would feature 32GB of RAM and an advanced Intel Kaby Lake processor, would start production in Q4 2017, which would result in the device being available for customers almost at the end of the year.

While the wait for the upgraded devices would be significant, the noted Apple analyst has stated that those looking to purchase Apple laptops this year would have a lot to look forward to. For one, the entry-level MacBook Pro without Touch Bar would most likely have its price reduced by a significant margin, making it an ideal replacement for the outgoing 13-inch MacBook Air. Overall, Apple fans would need some patience before purchasing a 2017 MBP, but when it does come out, it would surely be worth it.

[Featured Image by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]