Paige Jennings AKA Veronica Vain: From Wall Street To Porn To Youtube

Paige Jennings, ex-Wall Street intern and now ex-porn star, has certainly had an eventful professional life, and it is now passing into a new phase: Youtube stardom. Fox sat down with Jennings on Friday to discuss her non-traditional career path. Some of the revelations Paige made about her transition to the adult film industry and her more recent departure from "Veronica Vain" (her porn star name) are pretty fascinating, and her journey from an office cubicle to her new Youtube channel "RedHead Redemption" was not an easy one.

The Inquisitr reported way back in early 2015 that Paige Jennings, a 23-year-old woman living in New York City, had recently left her prestigious analyst internship at Lazard Asset Management on Wall Street to enter the porn industry.

At the time, Jennings seemed very confident about the decision, which Daily Star reports was spurred on by the popularity of the nude selfies Paige had posted on social media. Looking back, she reflects that embracing porn was not the right choice for her.

"I did the whole finding myself thing in my early 20s in a very public way," the now-26-year-old Jennings said in Friday's interview. "I really thought porn would be my thing, but it wasn't a world of fun, openness and sexuality -- it has its own rules and there were a lot of pros and cons I didn't like."

That is not to say she wants to return to Wall Street, though.

"On Wall Street, it's less about value creation and more about value manipulation," Jennings observes. "Building and creating something is something I've always been very attracted to."

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The porn industry had not been a good fit for Jennings, either, because it did not allow her to express her true self.

"I didn't want to be Veronica Vain," Paige notes. "I came in with this edgy act, this Wall Street porn star, and that's not me -- I'm a very low maintenance kind of girl."

Her decision to quit porn, her sole source of income, and embrace Youtube content creation was a sudden one, but it allowed Jennings to be who she wanted to be.

"The YouTube initiative came from leveraging the old audience into something that suited me better," Paige explains. "I've always been a huge nerd and I've always played video games, whether it was in porn or on Wall Street."

[DISCLAIMER: This video contains some mature language.]

Unfortunately, she added, that "leveraging the old audience" proved easier said than done. RedHead Redemption only has about 18,500 Youtube followers after a year, and the lackluster amount of views Paige Jennings gets for one of her videos in comparison to how many Veronica Vain would get on one of hers is worrisome. In fact, Jennings says, the underwhelming income she receives from her Youtube channel is the hardest part of her transition from porn.

"I thought it was going to be a lot easier to convert my audience into getting on board my channel, but it's been hard to get people to come over to watch YouTube," Jennings elaborates.

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Despite the fact that her lifestyle is not as luxurious as it once was, Paige has never regretted her decision to leave Veronica Vain behind and start RedHead Redemption. She says she loves being her own boss and having the opportunity to make her own ideas into realities instead of just following orders from others.

"I feel like I have a mini-business that I don't need venture capital funding for -- I just need a good idea. There's something very cool about being a one-woman startup."
Jennings speculates that a return to porn at some time in the future is not out of the question, but she would definitely want to establish herself and gain her own legs to stand on before going back if she were ever to do so.

Paige Jennings' "RedHead Redemption" channel covers a wide range of topics, from anecdotes about her experiences in porn to news analysis to, of course, gaming.

[DISCLAIMER: This video contains some mature language.]

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