'Fairy Tail' Chapter 536: Lucy To Overwrite The Demon Inside Natsu?

The upcoming Fairy Tail Chapter 536 is expected to continue the epic battle between brothers Zeref and Natsu as each attempt to eliminate the other in one hit by employing the strongest attack in their arsenal. However, the other mages could face grave dangers next chapter such as Lucy, whose body may not survive the stresses associated with rewriting the Book of END as well as Jellal, who put his life on the line by going up against the Black Dragon, Acnologia.

Natsu's Flames Inside Lucy's Body

After two weeks of waiting, Chapter 535 of the hit Fairy Tail manga series by Hiro Mashima finally arrived. The action-packed chapter, which is titled "The Strongest Power" and may be read at Mangastream, proved some of the numerous speculations and predictions.

For instance, it was speculated previously by the Inquisitr that something bad could be happening to Lucy as she tried to rewrite some of the pages of the Book of END when some of the letters mysteriously burst like bubbles. In the recent installment, what is happening to Lucy was actually explained by Zeref who was surprised that a mere could rewrite the book.

Simply put, Lucy could lose her life in Fairy Tail Chapter 836 if she continues to rewrite the Book of END to restore Natsu's body. In fact, she already experienced what happens to her body if she tampers with the book. Happy and Gray was shocked when Lucy started shivering and was acting as if something had possessed her. When Gray touched her, she felt so hot that it was as if she was on fire. As Happy suspects, it is as if Natsu's flames are inside her body as well.

Lucy Attempts To Overwrite END

However, for Lucy, feeling burned from the inside is a discomfort she is willing to endure if she can save Natsu in the process. In fact, it is highly likely that she will try out a new idea in the coming Fairy Tail Chapter 836.

While she was close to burning herself, Lucy believes that the heat could hold the clue she needs in saving Natsu. If she can follow the source of its power, she just might be able to rewrite the specific parts of the Book of END to completely free Natsu from the demon. Of course, she could also heal Natsu if necessary and even bring him back from the dead, an ability that could prove to be handy since Natsu and Zeref's fight is about to heat up.

However, meddling with the Book of END may come with a price. Zeref, who noticed that Natsu's wounds disappeared, correctly guessed that somebody is rewriting the Book of END. However, he is not worried. Apparently, messing with the book will erode the very being of the person rewriting the book. In fact, Zeref predicts that Natsu will not be resurrected the second time as doing so will claim the life of whoever is rewriting the book.

Fortunately, Lucy may have the help she needs in the coming Fairy Tail Chapter 836. It was seen in the recent installment that Gray, with his mastery of ice magic, is effective in countering the effects of Natsu's flames.

Zeref, Natsu To Use Strongest Attacks

The fight between brothers is likely to kick up a notch in the coming chapter. With the resurrected Natsu, the stage is set for the ultimate showdown between the two powerful fighters.

In fact, the title of the upcoming Fairy Tail Chapter 836 could be a hint of the kind of action that is to come. Titled "The Wild Dragon's Flames," it could refer to an all-new attack by Natsu, which is mostly likely made possible with Lucy's rewriting of the Book of END.

However, the Black Wizard is preparing to launch a powerful attack as well. In the previous chapter, Zeref is already starting the spell to unleash the devastating attack known as Stygian Blast Circle. Whose attack will prevail in Fairy Tail Chapter 836?

Will Acnologia Crush Jellal?

Meanwhile, the fight against the Black Dragon is not going exactly as planned. Anna was having a problem prying open the Ravines of Time, and when it finally did thanks to Zeref, it was too visible that they fear Acnologia may notice it and escape the trap.

Thus, Jellal tried to attack the Black Dragon head on as a diversion. It was a bad move, he is a mismatch for Acnologia as the Black Dragon just ate away his magic. In fact, the situation did not look to good for Jellal in the previous chapter which ended with him captured by Acnologia who was about to crush him.

At the moment, there are two possibilities that Jellal might still be saved in Fairy Tail Chapter 836. It is possible that Acnologia might be distracted and is still on a collision course with the Ravines of Time. Another possibility is that Erza, who uses physical attacks, may be effective against the Black Dragon and will rescue Jellal.

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