Kylie Jenner Now Thinks Tyga Was Using Her — What Made Her Realize?

Hollywood Life reports that Kylie Jenner now believes long time on-off beau Tyga was using her.

“Kylie Jenner is not messing around anymore. The star has moved on from Tyga and is loving her new man Travis Scott now more than ever.”

Kylie is reportedly moved by the way that her new man, Travis Scott, is not interested in having her as arm candy. The report claims that Jenner is comparing Travis’ behavior to the way Tyga behaved when they were together.

Kylie now believes that Tyga was using her to get attention, according to the report.

“Tyga’s such a user and being with Travis [Scott] had made [Kylie Jenner] see that…”

Tyga was always keen to take Kylie to loud and crowded places where the paparazzi would take pictures, according to the mag. Travis Scott, on the other hand, is very low key and happy to hang out in intimate settings.

A source told the publication: “Travis is so low-key, and doesn’t want to be seen. Where as every time she’s with Tyga, he’s always trying to go someplace loud where there’s a lot of people so he can be seen with her and get the paparazzi to take pictures of them together.”

Kylie has also been comparing Travis and Tyga’s skill as rappers, according to the report. Jenner reportedly told insiders she thinks her new beau is way better.

It has apparently dawned on Jenner that the only “real reason” people care about Tyga is because he was in a relationship with her.

A source said, “The real reason anyone cares about [Tyga] is because of her and she’s finally realized that.”

Kylie Jenner still thinks of Tyga even she's with Travis Scott according to rumors
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It follows the release of an explosive diss track. Tyga rapped about how Kylie would keep coming back to him no matter how badly he treated her and how abusive he was.

The freestyle rap was recorded on May 11 when Tyga and his buddies got together in the studio.

The lyrics are below.

“F**k her like there’s ten of me/ I got a dope boy’s tenacity/ Cocky like I got ten keys, a million racks in me/ Uh, super freak in my passenger / She a superstar, got it bad for me / If I hang up, she call right back to me / You cut her legs off, she crawls right back to me.”

A separate Hollywood Life report claims that Kylie was not upset at all when she heard the diss. Apparently, Jenner “died laughing.”

Kylie insists that it was Tyga who was always contacting her obsessively and demonstrating clingy and anxious behavior while they were in their on-off relationship.

A source said, “Kylie nearly died [laughing] when she heard Tyga infer that she’d crawl back to him. She thinks he’s out of his mind because every time they break up, including this last time, he’s the one who’s always blowing her up, texting and emailing her and blowing up her DMs.”

“Yeah, Kylie heard him rap that he’s poppin’ and that’s why the paparazzi photograph him…”

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Travis Scott has reportedly weighed in, calling Tyga’s recent behavior “pitiful.”

Hollywood Life reports that Jenner’s new beau wants Tyga to “man up and move on.”

“It’s a clash of the rappers! Travis Scott thinks Tyga is beyond ‘pitiful’ and childish after hearing his latest freestyle diss track.”

Scott was pretty cold — he is said to love the fact that Tyga is hurting! A source said that Travis Scott is very happy that Kylie Jenner is his woman now and it’s causing Tyga distress.

Travis said that the diss track is proof of how “butt sore” Tyga is.

A source said: “Travis thinks Tyga’s diss track is just pathetic… He thinks it shows how desperate and butt sore he is. Travis actually loves that Tyga’s hurting over Kylie [Jenner], and that she’s HIS woman now. It’s pretty pitiful that her ex isn’t able to just let it go. The best man won, and Tyga needs to man up, accept that, and move on.”

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