Michelle Rice Charged With Murder Of Infant, Her Father Speaks Out

Michelle Rice was charged with second-degree murder of her 11-day-old infant, and her father spoke up about the matter. The baby died of a meth overdose only 11 days after being born.

According to CBC, the father of Michelle Rice came forward to speak about his dauther and the baby that died of meth overdose. He said that he did not believe that she was capable of committing such a crime, even though Michelle Rice was charged with second-degree murder on Thursday, May 11, 2017.

Michelle Rice’s father, Terence Rice, said that he knows his daughter is a good person and he doesn’t believe that Michelle could actually be guilty of what she has been charged with. He spoke from his home in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

“The fact that she is being charged with murder is beyond me.”

He says that he knows that Michelle Rice loved both of her children and that he has no idea how it actually happened.

Terence said that Michelle is in a relationship, and that the biological father of Rice’s 2-year-old son has the child in his care now. However, Terence, his wife, and their other daughter want to gain custody of Michelle Rice’s oldest child.

Michelle Rice last visited her father and his family at Christmas and she stayed with them at their house. He said that he would really like to talk to Michelle because he believed that she was happy and healthy at the time.

Her father said that Michelle was a happy young person who never had any troubles with drugs in her youth. Michelle Rice was smart and was on the national honor role when she was in high school. Michelle even had scholarships. She grew up in Lethbridge with two brothers and one sister, but she left about eight years ago.

Michelle Rice’s family is overwhelmed and disturbed by the fact that she has been charged with second-degree murder of her 11-day-old daughter.

Rice’s landlord, Josh Gork, also spoke to Global News about the young woman who was arrested for the murder of her 11-day-old baby. He described Rice as “a really good tenant” that he never had issues with. He was shocked when she was arrested.

Michelle Rice lived in the basement apartment of the house where Gork lives with his family. She had great references and Michelle was pregnant, and had a 2-year-old, so they wanted to help her out. Her son and her dog played with his son and his dog and he never had any trouble with them.

“If she had a problem with drugs then she hid it very well.”

Gork was there the day that the paramedics came for the baby. They entered Michelle Rice’s suite and left with the unresponsive infant.

Police say that it is not possible for the infant to have ingested enough meth via breastfeeding to have caused her death. The meth would have had to have been ingested either orally or anally to have caused her death.

Michelle Rice Police information
EPS asks that anyone who were in contact with Michelle Rice in the first 11 days of her infant's life come forward [Image by jnnault/iStock]

Police are still interested in speaking to anyone who was in the house during the baby’s 11 days of life. Family, friends, neighbors, or care workers are asked to come forward. They can call EPS at 780-423-4567 or if the would prefer to stay anonymous, they can phone Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or use the online form on the Crime Stoppers website.

What do you think? Could Michelle Rice really be guilty of killing her own baby with a meth overdose? Or do you think that someone else may be involved?

UPDATE: Michelle Rice tells police that she was clean and sober

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