Freeform's 'Baby Daddy' Canceled Or Renewed? Will The Season 6 Finale Be Its Last?

Has Baby Daddy, Freeform's longest running half-hour comedy been canceled or renewed? That's the question fans of the long-running comedy have been clamoring to find out. Unfortunately, the rumors are true. Baby Daddy has officially been canceled after six seasons.

If you're unfamiliar, Baby Daddy is a comedy about a 21-year-old guy who gets a baby dropped off at his doorstep after he has a one-night stand. Instead of running away from his responsibility, he decides to raise the baby with the help of his two friends. It stars Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Derek Theler, Tahj Mowry, Melissa Peterman and Chelsea Kane. It premiered on Freeform, formally known as ABC Family, in 2012, and has run for six seasons.

According to Deadline, Baby Daddy had been unofficially picked up for a seventh season, but that deal fell through once Freeform greenlit the Black-ish spinoff which will star Yara Shahidi. The suits over at ABC decided that they would benefit from using the money for Baby Daddy to get the spinoff off the ground. So now, Baby Daddy has been axed to make room for this new show.

While fans of Baby Daddy will be sad to see it go, they will at least get a proper ending. The show's creator, Dan Berendsen wrote the season 6 finale in a way that would wrap up its existing storylines just in case it didn't get renewed. He was right to be cautious because that's exactly what happened. That forward thinking will likely make letting go of the beloved show a little easier.

Following the announcement, fans took to Twitter in droves to express their disappointment in this move by Freeform.

On top of the show getting canceled, they're especially upset that it was canceled right after Danny and Riley finally got together.
The fans aren't the only people who are sad to see the show go. Shortly after the announcement was made, the cast took to their social media accounts to express their sadness, and to thank fans for being so supportive.

Derek Theler posted a photo of the cast, which he captioned, "Baby Daddy has officially been cancelled. Had the time of my life working with this amazing cast and crew. Thanks for watching, it's been fun."

Baby Daddy has officially been cancelled. Had the time of my life working with this amazing cast and crew. Thanks for watching, it's been fun

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Tahj Mowry wrote, via Twitter, "Farewell #BabyDaddy. These 6 seasons have truly been a blessing. Fans, you forever. Thank you for allowing Tucker Dobbs into your lives."

In a second Tweet, he added, "The Fans are breaking my heart right now. love you guys so much. #BabyDaddy."

Chelsea Kane, who plays Riley Perrin took to her Instagram account and penned an emotional goodbye to her fans.

"Playing Riley Perrin was the greatest gift of my life," said Chelsea. "Creating her slowly and polishing her cracked and crazy edges over the last six seasons was an honor and I will never be able to properly thank @daniel.berendsen for allowing me to bring her to life."

Thank you guys for the outpouring of love and all these incredible comments. You've added so much sunshine to my day. I adore you.

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"I will miss her terribly and my heart aches knowing I won't get to flop onto that yellow couch every morning and be greeted by the smiling faces and unwavering acceptance of my second family. We are all Wheelers forever. Much like the pilot episode, this little show sort of fell into my lap and 'it's amazing how the unexpected can take your life and change direction.' Goodbye, Baby Daddy…"

The Baby Daddy series finale, which will coincide with its 100th episode will air on May 22.

What do you think about Baby Daddy being canceled? Will you miss the show? Do you think it overstayed its welcome? You can sound off in the comment section below!

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