‘2 Broke Girls’ Cancellation: Cher Could Have Been Max’s Mother In Lost Season 7

2 Broke Girls didn’t make the list of renewed series for this year and this broke the heart of its fans. But it is much more heartbreaking when it was reported that Cher could have appeared as a guest star had the show continued on for another season.

According to TV Line, 2 Broke Girls executives were in preliminary discussions to have the Goddess of Pop on board the CBS series as Max’s (Kat Denning’s) missing mother. According to the report, Max’s mother was supposed to make her debut toward the end of Season 6, which aired its final episode in April. Executive producer Michelle Nader told the publication that they had to delay the arrival of the character because they weren’t able to get the right actor.

“We didn’t find the right person. We’ve waited a long time to [meet her], so it’s got to be somebody amazing.”

Now that 2 Broke Girls is without a home, there’s that hope that other networks will open their doors to it. But sadly, sources reveal that there are no plans to give the series a new home. This only means that fans will never get to see who Max’s mom will be. A breakdown for the role that Cher could have played has been released.

Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs star in 2 Broke Girls

“[DIANE KING]Late 40s-70s, she’s Max Black’s mother. She’s an attractive woman who will never tell you her age, or the whole truth. She’s incredibly charming and very street smart. You see where Max gets it. LOOKING FOR RECOGNIZABLE NAMES/FACES. GUEST STAR”

The decision to cancel 2 Broke Girls was done because the series struggled to keep up with the ratings. According to Deadline’s report, CBS and producer Warner Bros. TV couldn’t reach an agreement on the financial aspect of the series. There was even a talk of shortening a possible Season 7, giving it only 13 to 18 episodes. However, this deal didn’t reach fruition.

2 Broke Girls initially started with a strong viewership during its first season from 2011 to 2012. However, the ratings continued to decline but the series was still considered a decent performer for the network. The series starred Dennings as Max and Beth Behrs as Caroline Channing, who work as waitresses at a Brooklyn diner. The two girls dreamed of running their own business one day, but the only thing holding them back is their broke financial status.

Season 6 finale saw Max getting engaged to her on-again and off-again romance, Randy, played by Ed Quinn. At that time, people felt that the series was the last. With Max on her way to promise herself to someone, Season 7 could have featured a different dynamic involving the broke ladies. There was also the question if Max will separate from Caroline and go live with Randy.

2 Broke Girls did not get renewed by CBS

But according to Nader, Max would have remained as Max — someone who doesn’t want to rush into things. It was revealed that Max wouldn’t even want to be without Caroline because she is her “safety net.” Even getting engaged, Max would likely take the wedding planning slowly, and as Nader shared, she would have continued to resist.

Prior to the cancellation status being made official, Behrs said during an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that she and her co-star are not ready to bid the series farewell.

“Kat and I — I’m not stressing this enough — are not ready to be done. We love each other so much, we love the show. We did not end it thinking it was going to be the end, so write CBS if you’re a fan. Tell them you want to see more. We will know, I think at Upfronts, soon.”

Are you one of the 2 Broke Girls fans who was saddened by this news?

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