Kevin Bacon: ‘Tremors’ TV Show Confirmed, Raises Questions About CGI Graboids

On Friday, actor Kevin Bacon took to popular social media site Reddit to host an AMA (basically, an interactive Q&A session) with millions of online users. In the AMA, Bacon confirmed that the TV miniseries adaptation of his 1990 hit film Tremors is indeed still in the works.

Graboid attack
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Digital Spy reports that even though Kevin Bacon’s AMA was meant to promote the first episode of I Love Dick, the Bacon-starring sitcom that premiered last night, user “Krisleeds” came right out and asked about a possible revival of the much-beloved pulp horror classic Tremors.

“Mr Bacon – Would you like to see, and/or star in a Tremors remake??” the user asked.

When a user posts a question on a Reddit AMA’s page, it starts out with one point. Users on the page can upvote the comment if they want to increase the question’s visibility. The comments that get upvoted the most will rise to the top of the page and are almost certain to be seen by whoever is conducting the AMA.

Because the movie was so important to so many people in the 90’s, Krisleeds’ question sparked a lot of people’s curiosity and rocketed up to the top of the page. It did not take long for Kevin Bacon to take notice of the post and post a succinct response: “we are working on that!”

It is probably fair to assume that the project Bacon is referring to is the same one that Entertainment Weekly announced in November 2015. The announcement let readers know that Bacon would be returning to serve as both executive producer and one of the stars of the show.

Bacon revealed in a Twitter AMA he hosted on May 12, 2016, that production on the project was underway.

Given the fact that the series was already being made a year ago, one can infer its debut is not too far down the road.

Tremors Star Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon at IMDb Studios. [Image by Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb]

Not surprisingly, users who saw Krisleeds’ question and Kevin Bacon’s response were elated.

“This is the best thing I’ve heard today,” replied StevieRayWonderNicks.

“This has made my year,” added Tallchurch.

A huge amount of commenters were just happy Tremors is returning at all, but some of them were also concerned that the relatively easy and inexpensive access to CGI capabilities in the modern age might replace the fondly-remembered practical effects that made the Tremors movie so close to people’s hearts.

To be more specific, they said they were worried the Graboids, the term used to refer to the burrowing worm-monsters in the film series, would be digitally rendered in the miniseries Kevin Bacon was mentioning instead of made from physical materials. After all, notes user Foosbabaganoosh, that is exactly what happened in several of the critically-panned Tremors sequels.

“The third and fourth had a mix of practical and digital effects (practical of course looked so much better) and the fifth was I believe all digital which looked like a**, so here’s to hoping the new one has enough budget that lets them get back to the practical roots!”

The “no CGI Graboids” issue was, like its parent post, upvoted by a lot of people. it seems very unlikely Bacon missed it, as it is also up near the top of the page. Because of that, his lack of response is disconcerting; did he want to avoid letting fans down by telling them that yes, the Graboids in the Tremors miniseries will be CGI?

Now that Kevin Bacon has let the cat out of the bag concerning the miniseries after a year of silence, look out for more official information about the series in the next few days, and keep checking back at the Inquisitr to learn about it as it is reported.

In the meantime, what would be your dream cast for a modern-day Tremors reboot?

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