Paris Jackson’s Nude Photo Pops Up On Snapchat—But She Wasn’t Hacked

Paris Jackson likes getting naked. The 19-year-old actress and daughter of the late King of Pop shared her love for nudity in a nude selfie on Snapchat, Gossip Cop reports. But as Jackson said in the accompanying text on Twitter, her “reveal” isn’t about sex but about connecting to nature.

“Nudity started as a movement for ‘going back to nature,’ ‘expressing freedom,’ ‘being healthier’ and was even called a philosophy. Being naked is part of what makes us human,” she wrote.”For me it helps me feel more connected to mama gaia.” Gaia is the Greek term for Mother Earth.

Paris tied her love for nudity to feminism and gardening.

“I’m usually naked when I garden. It’s actually a beautiful thing and you don’t have to make it sexual the way many Hollywood stars do. Not only is your body a temple and should be worshipped as so, but also part of feminism is being able to express yourself in your own way, whether it’s being conservative and wearing lots of clothes or showing yourself. There’s different ways of absorbing mother earth’s energy. My favorites are earthing which is absorbing the soil through your bare feet, as well as letting your naked skin absorb rays of the sun. And absorbing rays while naked is exactly what she does in the photo.”

In the photo, Paris isn’t completely naked. She’s topless and sunbathing outside with her pet dog. She also used emojis to cover her nipples.

After going through a turbulent adolescence after the death of her father, Paris has blossomed into a young starlet who’s poised to enjoy great success in the future if she continues to play her cards right.

As Page Six reported recently, Jackson has recently been named the new face of Calvin Klein.

“This deal is to make Paris the new face and body of Calvin Klein. The deal — which is just about to be signed — is huge, worth seven figures, many millions. Expect to see Paris in huge ad campaigns and on many red carpets in Calvin Klein,” a source at the esteemed fashion brand told Page Six.

According to Page Six, Paris went to the Met Gala in early May as a guest of Calvin Klein. She wore a black dress by Calvin Klein by Appointment to the glitzy event. She later appeared in a bathroom selfie with Kylie Jenner and a host of other young stars, a sign of her growing Hollywood “It” girl status.

She’s also furthering her acting career with a role in an upcoming movie. As People magazine reports Paris will be starring alongside established Hollywood actors like Charlize Theron, David Oyelowo, and Amanda Seyfried. The film is set to be produced by Amazon Studios and is tentatively titled the Untitled Nash Edgerton Project.

In short, Parks Jackson seems to be having the time of her life. Besides everything we’ve mentioned before, she also recently signed a modeling contract with IMG models, one of the most prestigious modeling agencies out there. She also recently guest starred on Star, Lee Daniels’ show on Fox.

While we’re not sure he’d approved of the topless photos on Snapchat, we’re sure her dad is smiling down on her, happy about all of her success.


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