Jersey Shore’s ‘The Situation’ Sued For Hiding Drug Problem From Vodka Company

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino of Jersey Shore fame is being sued by one of his employers after he allegedly hid his drug problem from the protein-infused vodka company.

Sorrentino filed a lawsuit against Devotion Spirits in November, claiming at the time that they reneged on a deal that cost him $5 million. The company has now filed a counter-suit claiming that The Situation breached his contract for various reasons.

Among his alleged list of offenses include showing up late to company sponsored events and concealing a bad drug addiction. Devotion Spirits claims that Mike Sorrentino went so far as to ask investors for marijuana. At other times, The Situation refused to do scheduled interviews and then demanded extra perks for his friends.

Devotion Spirits claims that, during a 2011 event in New Jersey, The Situation locked himself inside a bathroom and refused to appear. Reps claim that, when he left the bathroom at the New Jersey party, Sorrentino was “sniff” like he had just done drugs.

Sorrentino’s reps, in the meantime, have of course denied any claims that he is a drug addict who failed to meet his Devotion Spirits obligations as specifically stated in his contract.

Devotion Spirits terminated their contract in March 2012, the same month that Mike Sorrentino made his way to rehab.

The Jersey Shore cast member’s former employer has not specified damages.

Sorrentino was sued earlier this over a fat metabolizing cream he endorsed.

So what’s next for Mike Sorrentino? A report in October suggested he would attempt to grab the top spot on hit reality TV show The Bachelor.