‘Teen Mom 2’s’ Jenelle Evans Responds To Accusations That She Smoked Weed While Pregnant With Daughter Ensley

Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans has had a long history of drug abuse, however, the reality star has turned her life around and is now living drug-free with her soon-to-be husband and blended family of four kids. While the star hasn’t been arrested for any drug-related charges in a while, her future sister-in-law slammed her on social media, stating that the young mother of three had been smoking weed while pregnant with her youngest daughter, Ensley.

According to social media, Jenelle Evans texted her future sister-in-law after she met up with her fiancé’s ex and the mother of his child. Evidently, Jenelle was upset as her fiancé, David, has been unable to see his son for quite a while due to violating a custody arrangement. Jenelle thought a “good sister” wouldn’t continue to meet up with someone who had barred their brother from seeing his son.

Jessica Eason Miller took to numerous Teen Mom Facebook groups to bash Jenelle Evans, and she even posted several accusations on her own social media accounts.

“Ya smoked weed while pregnant… It must have been the fact that I didn’t like half the tasteless crap u gave me. I’m sorry boo boo. Don’t u have some rehab and custody court to attend to (sic),” Jessica wrote online.

Jessica further slammed the reality TV star with accusations that she was a hospital hopper who went to different doctors to get medication for her nerve pain, insinuating that she abused it.

“I mean they both look like zombies on camera obviously since Jenelle hospital shops for nerve pills. Seen it with my own eyes while I was working at NHRMC! She’s pathetic. My brother deserves better and i’ll take names and numbers for volunteers (sic),” she stated.

Jenelle Evans posted a now-deleted rant about Jessica and her list of sins, but responded to the comment that she smoked weed while pregnant, according to Radar Online.

“We do not speak to her so I don’t know where she got this information. We haven’t spoken to her in months so if I did she wouldn’t have any idea,” Jenelle Evans said, neither necessarily confirming nor denying that she abused weed while pregnant with Enlsey.

David Eason, Jenelle Evans’ fiance, spoke out against his sister as well.

“I don’t talk to my sister because she always either begs me to invite her over while we are filming because she wants to be on T.V. so bad or to help her with money,” he said.

According to Jenelle Evans, her life with David is pretty much perfect. The pair are planning a small and intimate Southern wedding, where they are planning to finally make their relationship official. If MTV is filming during the time of the wedding, Jenelle will be inviting the cameras along for the ride.

Jenelle Evans continues to share a contentious relationship with her mother, Barb. She has not yet revealed whether or not she will be invited to the wedding, but has stated that their relationship is severely damaged.

“The relationship I have with my mother is the same as it has always been, sadly. We have not decided if she will be invited or not. Our relationship is getting more damaged every day, but I have already told her this,” Jenelle said.

Jenelle and Barbara will be going to court later this month to duke it out over primary custody of Jenelle Evans’ eldest son, Jace. Due to Jenelle’s drug issues, Jace lived with Barb for the first seven or so years of his life, only seeing Jenelle part-time. Now that Jenelle has turned her life around, she feels it is time Jace joined her family permanently.

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