Mel B Visibly Relaxed After 5-Year Restraining Order Granted

Mel B was spotted in Los Angeles visibly relaxed and cheery after an L.A. judge granted a restraining order against the nanny that Mel B claimed had an affair with her estranged husband, Stephen Belafonte, and even got pregnant by him.

As Melanie “Mel B” Brown’s court battle against both her estranged husband, Belafonte, and the nanny of their only daughter, Madison, rages on, the former Spice Girl stepped out for a stroll around L.A. on Monday, according to the Sun.

Mel B looked the epitome of happiness in her pretty pink maxi dress, just a week after an L.A. court slapped the nanny, named Lorraine Gilles, with the restraining order ordering her to stay 100 yards away from Mel B.


The L.A. judge granted the five-year restraining order against Gilles several weeks after it was requested by Mel B, who also accuses the nanny of having possession of her sex tapes.

Mel B, who locked horns with her estranged husband Belafonte in a bitter divorce and custody battle, alleges that Gilles has harassed her. Mel B also claims the nanny had a seven-year sexual relationship with Belafonte and even got pregnant by him.

Gilles, who Mel B claims was forced by Belafonte to get an abortion, is also accused of hiding sex tapes featuring Mel B in a storage locker.

The restraining order comes amid Mel B’s heated divorce and custody battle against her estranged husband, but the Spice Girl showed no sign of distress during her stroll with Belafonte’s biological daughter around L.A.

Madison, who copied her celebrity mom’s pink dress during their cheery stroll, will now be seeing her father Belafonte after the court allowed Mel B’s estranged husband, whom she accuses of mental and physical abuse, to visit his daughter for the first time since he was slapped with a restraining order for Mel B and her kids.

Mel B, who also has two other daughters from her previous partners, made headlines earlier this year when she went public with accusations that Belafonte repeatedly beat her in jealous rages and subjected her to years of mental and physical abuse during their 10-year marriage.

Mel B is fighting a heated, two-front court war against both Belafonte and Gilles, as the former Spice Girl accuses the latter of having sex tapes of Mel B, photos of Gilles and Belafonte, Spice Girls memorabilia, and photos of her recently deceased father stashed in her storage locker.

Last month, Mel B even visited the storage locker in Hollywood, where she thought Gilles stored 12 to 15 boxes of Mel B’s stuff, including the sex tape, but she left empty-handed as she found nothing there, according to TMZ.

Mel B even had to call local police after Public Storage staffers refused to let her access the locker storage.

Mel B, who claims Gilles and Belafonte have extorted her, threatening to release sex tapes featuring the Spice Girl, is being sued for defamation by the nanny, according to People magazine.

Gilles, who is reportedly suing Mel B for defamation, has previously confirmed she had an abortion but insisted that she got pregnant after a one-night stand and that she told Mel B about it.

In April, the court ruled that Mel B’s restraining order against her estranged husband would remain in place until the end of their divorce battle.

Mel B is keeping herself busy and distracted from the heated divorce and custody battle with Belafonte by returning to work on America’s Got Talent.

Mel B returns as a judge for America’s Got Talent Season 12, which will premiere on NBC on August 15, 2017.

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