UFO Experts Spot ‘Alien Tank’ And ‘Tracks’ On The Moon In NASA Photos

A group of UFO researchers have spotted what appears to be an “alien tank” on the surface of the moon.

The group of UFO experts, called Secure Team 10 in their famous YouTube channel, found the tank-like object in a photo released by NASA decades ago, the Sun reports. The photos were taken during the Apollo 15 mission in 1971.

“A tank-like object has been discovered on the moon, scattered among what appears to be ruins of some sort,” SecureTeam10 claimed in the video.

“Now, of course, the moon is covered by rocks but when I saw this, it made my ears prick up,” the group said. “If this was a tank it would have to be ancient, which explains the weathering on this thing.”

SecureTeam10 boasts more than 785,000 subscribers and is one of the most popular sources of UFO news on the web.

The team of UFO researchers acknowledged the possibility that the “tank-like object” might not be a military vessel from an ancient extraterrestrial race after all, but an “odd-shaped boulder.”

The UFO channel, however, pointed out that it found an “almost metallic-like surface texture that is highly reflective” in the same NASA photo.

SecureTeam10 also presented other NASA images to show what appears to be tracks on the moon’s surface, pointing out that they could have been left by extraterrestrial vehicles as they traveled on the lunar surface.

The team of UFO researchers added that the alleged tracks were not found near the site of the moon landings.

This is not the first time SecureTeam10 presented NASA photos that allegedly reveal alien-like structures on the surface of the moon. Two weeks ago, the organization’s founder, Tyler Glockner, shared a video presenting a photo that shows what appears to be an artificial structure protruding from the surface.

The UFO hunter suggests that the structure might have been built by extraterrestrial beings from another planet. While describing the structure in the photo, he points out why it couldn’t have been formed by natural phenomena on the moon’s surface. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Glockner suggests that the structure might lead to an underground passage or a tunnel.

Glockner, after studying the NASA photo, claims to have found buildings that could have served as an entrance to the tunnel-like structure on the moon. While NASA photos of the moon are accessible to everyone online, Glockner was the first one to have spotted the structure.

“When looking at the original photograph and you almost immediately will be able to detect these things from shadows and shapes.”

Interest in NASA photos of the moon has drummed up since rovers on Mars started sending photos of the red planet’s surface to Earth. And just like with photos taken of Mars, photos of the moon’s surface have been studied and scrutinized by UFO enthusiasts from around the world, with some presenting images showing what they claim to be objects or structures that were made by artificial means.

Aside from NASA photos, UFO investigators from SecureTeam10 also search for clues or evidence of alien life via Google Earth satellite images. Recently, the group found what appears to be an “alien ship” in a mountainous region on the South Pole. Using Google Earth’s zooming capabilities, SecureTeam10 presented a close-up photo showing a disc-like object protruding out of a cave.

The team declared the discovery as the “final proof of secret technology” on the remote continent.

“This is a bombshell discovery and one of the most obvious unnatural and anomalous structures we have found at the South Pole,” SecureTeam10 added.

This discovery bolsters speculation that a lost alien civilization has been buried underneath the ice in Antarctica.

Did UFO experts from SecureTeam10 find actual evidence proving that extraterrestrial beings once landed on the moon’s surface? Or are they just fanatics seeing patterns or images where none really exist? The truth, as they say, is out there.

[Featured Image by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]