Jenelle Evans An Easy Target For Criticism: How ‘Teen Mom’ Star Can Change Things Around

Jenelle Evans An Easy Target For Criticism

Jenelle Evans has shared the good, the bad, and the ugly on national television since she was 16. Jenelle was one of the girls featured on 16 & Pregnant, and she was offered a spot on Teen Mom 2 when MTV decided to follow some of the girls on their journey through motherhood. And while many of the girls decided to focus on motherhood, Jenelle signed over the rights to little Jace and focused on her boyfriends instead. Evans got herself into trouble, became a drug addict, and had a long list of arrests behind her. Her past behavior makes her an easy target for criticism, and even though she has tried to fix everything, people still attack her for no reason.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans recently shared some news about her property, and she wanted to level her entire property, including removing some trees and some shrubs. To remove some of the greenery, Jenelle considered getting some goats to help her out. Rather than just execute her idea, Evans decided to share her plans on Twitter. And this opened up an opportunity for fans to attack her.

“How to clear land without taking out too much? Goats. This should be fun,” Jenelle Evans revealed on Twitter, hinting that she was going to try something new after hearing about it from a friend, but one person disagreed.

“We have goats but would never use them for that. We just cleared 40 acres using bulldozers, etc. Cruel and your cheap,” one person wrote to Jenelle, claiming that it was cruel to use goats to clear the land, but Evans got support from other followers who had done the same thing.

“Oh good grief… goats do what they do. It’s not like they are forcing them to do anything other than be goats. Get a grip,” one person wrote to Jenelle Evans, while another added, “Goats do a wonderful job but keeping them in the yard is hard. I had one that jumped my fence a lot.”

While some people are trying to support Jenelle Evans, others feel that they can say and do just about anything when it comes to this Teen Mom star. While Jenelle might have thought it was nice to share something on Twitter, there are some people who just have to ruin it for her. Despite turning her life around completely since first meeting viewers on 16 & Pregnant, Evans is still criticized to this day over past issues. And some people feel that she hasn’t changed one bit.

These days, Jenelle is working on her property, and she wants to have a quiet and calm life after Teen Mom comes to an end. Many of the girls are trying to move on from everything they have experienced, and they are slowly adjusting to what life would be like without the show. While some people have saved up money, others are just starting to get an education and think ahead.

To avoid the criticism, Jenelle Evans could simply stop sharing everything on social media. While she has cut down on her sharing, she doesn’t have to write about everything they are doing. If she hadn’t shared the news of the goats, then people wouldn’t have had the chance to bring her down. And if she only wants positivity in her life, she needs to stop sharing on social media or start sharing vague things.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans sharing her plans to get goats to improve her property? Do you think it is a wise choice to share such decisions on Twitter since she’s often attacked by the things she shares?

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